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He shrugs. “You plan to look for another job?”

“No, I love my job. When they’re not in session, I get to take long stretches of time off or work from home, so it all evens out.”

I glance over and his eyes are shut. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to bore you.”

“You’re not. I love listening to your voice.”

“Because it’s putting you to sleep?”

He reaches over and grabs my hand, settling it on his crotch, all without opening his eyes. “No, because it gets my dick hard.”

I squeeze him gently through his shorts and he groans. “You definitely need to stay the night. I need to fuck you again in the morning.”

Impulsively, I lean in and kiss his cheek. “Whoever wakes up first can get to work on the other.”

“Be prepared to wake up with my face in your pussy.”

Laughing, I turn over and tuck my arm under the pillow. Behind me, I feel him shift. It’s dark and surprisingly quiet in the clubhouse, but I sense him hesitating or holding his breath or something. “What’s wrong?” I mutter.


He shifts again, the warm, solid wall of his body snuggling up behind me. His heavy arm drapes over my waist and he pulls me against his body. “You make a nice pillow,” he murmurs, pressing a kiss to my temple.

Who would have ever suspected this giant biker with the impish smile was such a snuggler? I run my hand over his arm and curl into his body, before drifting to sleep.

Z makes good on his promise and wakes me up at least two more times during the night. The last time, I don’t even bother to put his shirt back on.

Way, way too early the jingle-jangle of my most obnoxious ring tone wakes me. Worried it will wake Z, I scurry around the room to find my phone and answer it.

There are about a dozen texts from Sophie. Jesus, it’s not even eight o’clock.

Sophie: Ben got called into work. Can you take me to get my car?


I glance at Z and then at the phone. I really don’t want to leave him.

Which is exactly why I should.

Me: Give me an hour.

Wake Z, or just leave? I’m not sure I can handle the thorny morning after talk. Plus, if I stay much longer, I’ll run into Hope and that will probably be awkward as hell.

As I tiptoe down the clubhouse stairs, I realize there’s something much more awkward than running into my friend.

Running into Wrath.

“Morning, Lilly.” He greets me with a big grin on his scary face. His gaze shoots upstairs. “Didn’t want to do the awkward morning talk?”

“No.” I stop to slip on my shoes. “I have to get home. Something came up.”

“Sure, sure.” He motions to the front door as if saying I’m free to make my escape. I barely restrain myself from flipping him off. How does Hope stand him?

Outside, the burly redhead is tinkering with one of the bikes in the garage. My car’s blocked.

I bet Z did that on purpose.

“Uh, hi.” I wave to get his attention. “Murphy, right?”

“Yeah.” He lifts his chin when he sees me. “Hey.”

I point at my car. “I need to get out.”

He glances around. “Give me a minute.”

My phone goes off again.


“All right already.”

“Something wrong?” Murphy asks.

“Just my friend needs me to take her somewhere and she’s damn impatient.”

He kicks over the bike and pulls it out of the garage, then moves one of the other cars.

“Thank you!” I hurry over to my car and ease my way out between all the other vehicles.

Sophie owes me big time.


Wedding Fever

Originally published in Between Embers

(Lost Kings MC #5.5)


“Don’t be mad, but I’m driving behind a really pretty girl.”

“What?” I ask.

Z repeats the bizarre statement.

“Did you really call me to tell me you’re out picking up chicks on my best friend’s wedding day?”

His laughter comes through the line low and rich. If he were in front of me, I’d kick him.

“I’m driving behind you.”

“Oh.” My gaze flicks to the rear view mirror, but all I see is a big, black SUV. “Figures that’s what you’re driving. It looks like an undercover FBI vehicle.”

He chuckles again and this time his laughter melts me like butter. “It’s Rock’s.”

“What are you doing?”

“I needed to run an errand for him. What are you doing? I thought you stayed with Hope and Trin last night?”

“I did.” Z had been pretty annoyed I didn’t sneak out and come stay with him. But for once in my life, I chose girlfriends over dick. I didn’t regret it either. “I needed to run out for a topcoat.”


“Nail polish. For the bride.”


“Shut up.”

“Let me get ahead of you, so I can open the gate.”

I pull my car slightly to the right and he zips around me, flipping his blinker on and turning onto what barely looks like a road. It’s a good thing he found me because I’m not sure I would have remembered to turn here.

It isn’t the first time I’ve wondered about all the secrecy surrounding the Lost Kings MC. Z’s usually tight-lipped about anything related to the club. Not that I ask a lot of questions. Or that we do a lot of talking.

But now that one of my best friends is marrying into the club, I’m curious. Hope is a lawyer. And based on the multiple warnings my brother has given me to stay away from Z, the Lost Kings are criminals.

Alexander—what I call my brother when he’s busy lecturing me on how to live my life, because it annoys him when I use his full name—doesn’t understand that Rock treats Hope like a fucking queen. It’s hard not to be intrigued.

I don’t want that. I don’t need a man in my life permanently. Just in my bed from time to time. Z has been all too willing to offer those services on what’s becoming a regular basis.

I park a little way down the driveway—in case I want to leave early. Z parks next to me and opens my car door before I have a chance to grab my bag and purse.

“Why’d you park all the way down here?”

“I didn’t want to get blocked in if I need to run out again.”

He gives me a skeptical look, as if he’s not buying my bullshit. Before I explain further, he extends his hand and I swear to the big stone Buddha statue at the bottom of the hill, I want to swoon. And I’m not a swooner.

A few seconds later, I want to do something else.

Z shuts my door, then presses me up against it with his big bulky body. “You have any idea what it did to me last night? Having you under the same roof but not being able to touch you?”

The minute his body brushes against mine, any self-restraint I’d been holding on to flies away in the sweet autumn breeze.

* * *


Lilly’s beautiful eyes widen but her body melts against mine. “Tell me,” she says in the same husky tone she uses after we fuck.

Rock expressed a strong preference that I not bother the girls last night. Since he’s the groom, and my president, I didn’t.

“It made me crazy.” That’s not a lie, either. It’s been way too long since I’ve had Lilly. Knowing she was here last night under the same roof, and I couldn’t have her, made me half-crazed with lust.

Tonight’s another story.

The happy couple will be enjoying their wedded bliss, and I’ll be enjoying Lilly.

“I forgot the stuff I ran out to get. Fuck,” she mutters, pushing away from me and opening the door.

Inside, I’m groaning. The way her luscious mouth spits out the word fuck is incredibly hot. Reminds me of the way she says it when she’s riding my dick.

>   I need to make that happen again.