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“What’s this for?”

He hugged her from behind and nuzzled her neck. “Push the button.”

To her delight, the entire bottom of the wall unit opened and a bed slid out. She giggled. “Oh my! You have been busy, Jake.” She sighed and tipped her head to one side when he slid his tongue behind one ear.

“There’ll be no sex during business hours, Mr. Anders,” she said, attempting to sound stern.

“Whatever you say, Ms. Sweeney, but it’s after five. Office is closed.” He ran his hands over her ass. “You’re not wearing your panties, Ms. Sweeney.”

Sarah giggled when he scooped her up into his arms. “No. Didn’t see any point in putting them on, Mr. Anders.”

“Wise decision.” He kissed her. “Dinner or desert?”

Sarah pulled his head back down. “You.”


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