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Samantha laughed brightly, and said, “Okay, true. ” She leaned toward him, her gaze intense and whispered, “My boyfriend is a vampire. ”

Jeff's eyes slightly slitted. “Really?”

“Yeah. A real vampire. Like. . . . um. . Dracula or Angel from Buffy. Except I don't think he gets all gnarly when he vamps out. Not sure on that. ” She pondered this for a moment, her brow furrowed. “I've never seen his teeth either, but I've seen him do some really vampy things. ”

Jeff leaned toward her, and said in a low voice. “And you are telling me this why?”

“Because there is a new vampire in town. And I think she's totally evil. And I think she's doing a spell on him or something to get him to be evil. I need to know what to do. ”

Jeff blinked slowly, then looked away from her as if mulling something over.

“What is your boyfriend's name?”

“I can't tell you that. ”

“Is it Cian ó Loinsigh?”

Samantha blinked. “Uh, no. His last name is different. It's Lynch. ”

“Lynch is the English variation of ó Loinsigh,” Jeff answered.

“Oh, shit! You know my boyfriend!”

“My father knew him. They made a pact back in the day that still stands to this day. ” Jeff sighed softly. “But if another vampire is in town and Cian isn't taking care of it, there is a problem. ”

“Did I just get my boyfriend in trouble?”

“If there is another vampire in town, we may all be in trouble. ”


With the casual elegance he was known for, and actually quite proud of, Roberto laid out all the tools he would need for his impromptu excursion. Industrial strength trash bags, twist ties, a bag full of garbage, an extra large garbage container, duct tape, several rolls of black plastic tarp, and the keys to the Lexus RX. Taking a hold of the ladder he had purchased that morning at WalMart, he set it before the nearest window and decided to start there.

It took almost an hour to cover the windows with the black plastic, sealing it into place with the duct tape. By the time he had finished, the area around the chamber was dark and no sunlight crept in anywhere near it. Satisfied that Cian would be safe, Roberto popped the panel and entered the code.

The wall slipped open with a soft whisper and it took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the absolute darkness that enshrouded the vampires. Slowly they took form in the murk and he could see that Cian was holding Amaliya close to him. He was not surprised. He had seen his master steadily falling under the influence of her presence.

That was why he had to do this.

Removing her from Cian's arms would be a little difficult, but he knew the vampires would sleep through it all. And thankfully, Cian's blood infusions made Roberto strong despite still being basically human. Being a human servant to a vampire did have its advantages.

He leaned over and began to steadily apply pressure to Cian's arms. He projected what little power he had toward the vampire. He knew that his master would sense his presence and not be threatened. Slowly, Cian's arms came apart from around the woman and Roberto maneuvered his Master's sleeping body into a more comfortable sleeping repose on his back.

Taking a deep breath and steeling himself inwardly, Roberto reached for Amaliya. As he had known they would, her eyes flashed open and her lips parted. It was a survival instinct and he knew she was still fully asleep. To protect her as she slept, her body took on an even more sexual and voluptuous look in order to bespell whoever was disturbing her sleep. He had to admit that she was alluring in her own way. If she wasn't such a damn disruption, he would have possibly entertained the thought of seducing her.

He so did enjoy seducing beautiful, exotic women.

Using what little vampire power he had inherited from Cian's blood, he ignored her seductive aura and pulled her toward him. Her clothes were stiff with dried blood, but her skin was pale and beautiful. Over the last few nights, he had seen her fully coming into her new vampire nature.

Which was all the more reason for her to go.

Picking her up, he found her surprisingly heavy. He carried her over to the tarp on the floor and lay her down, then returned to close the chamber. The wall descended, sealing off Cian, and Roberto felt a sense of relief that his master was too weak to awaken during the daylight hours.

Disturbed by her open eyes and the way they trailed after him, he leaned down and closed them with his fingertips. They immediately reopened. Frowning, he grabbed a heavy bag and slid it over her head and down to her hips. Then, he yanked another bag over her legs and began to wrap the duct tape around her securely.

Cian would be upset. He knew that. But his Master was blinded by the lust he felt for the new vampire and the feelings she drew out of him. It was not as if Roberto was particularly fond of Samantha. He found her too cute and too chirpy to suit him. Just as Amaliya drew out the darker aspects of Cian's personality, Samantha drew out Cian's human side. Roberto found both women annoying. Cian had been best when Roberto had been his only companion. He had been strong, sure, and merciful when need be.

Roberto wasn't sure if he could get rid of Samantha without Cian's wrath, but he could get rid of Amaliya.