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Pulling her around and pinning her to the metal wall behind them, Cian licked her lips and sucked hard on their fullness. She felt his sharp fangs draw blood and her hands yanked hard at his shirt, pulling it free from his black trousers.

“It can't be gentle,” he whispered. “Not the first time. ”

“I know,” she answered and drew her tongue over his lips. Then as quick as a viper, she drove her fangs into his neck.

Gasping, he pushed her hard against the wall, grinding his body against hers. Amaliya drew her nails down his bare back, then around his sides to his navel. Once there, she began to unfasten his pants as she drank deep from his throat.

His hands pushed her thick hair back from her neck and licked her with one long delicious swipe. She managed to pull his cock free and began to stroke it with her cool hand. She sucked harder, tearing at the tiny holes her fangs had made in his skin. They both knew they would not stop this time. He was hot and heavy in her hand, like flesh over steel, and it only aroused her more. When his fangs slid into her neck, she felt him pulse in her hand and a deep moan pulled itself out of her.

Somehow, he managed to get her jeans open and pushed them down. Her overwhelmed senses barely took in his maneuvering to get one of her legs free. She was consumed with the taste of his blood and the heat of him in her hand. She stroked him with swift, demanding movements.

Once her jeans were off, he pulled his lips from her neck and forcibly drew her mouth from his own throat. His blood spilled down her chin and he licked the long rivulet from the base of her throat to her full, bruised lips.


sp; “Look at me,” he ordered.

Her fingers traced up his neck to caress his face as he pulled her body upwards. She could not tear her eyes from him as he pressed himself deep into her sex. She opened for him, hot and ready, and she bit her lip as he fully filled her. Her eyes closed, but he shook her.

“Look at me,” he said again.

She obeyed, pressing her forehead against his as he began to slowly stroke in and out of her. Her legs tightened around him as he pulled her against him and licked the blood off her neck.

They were so terrible for each other and they both knew it. This never should have happened. Every time he slid his cock into her, she would cry out and he looked drugged with her blood and sex. The fingers of one of his hands gripped the back of her neck as he thrust into her. She kept her gaze locked to his as he slid his other hand under her blouse and tugged on one of her pierced nipples.

“Don't stop,” she muttered as his tongue played over the wound on her neck. It was beyond any experience she had ever had.

It wasn't until he buried his face in her throat and bit her again, that Amaliya felt the terrible sensation of being watched. She knew, for certain, The Summoner was nearby. Anger sliced through her and she gripped Cian's hair with one hand and pushed her hips hard against him, driving his cock even harder into her.

Let him watch, she thought bitterly. Let him watch.

Gripping Cian tight inside of her, she bit hard into his throat again and pushed them both over the edge. His nails bit into her ass as he came deep in her and her own nails sliced down his back drawing more blood. Letting his vitae fill her mouth, but not swallowing, she released his flesh.

Slowly, they slid down to the floor together, a tangle of legs and arms. Cian's tongue lapped up the blood he had spilled as her wounded neck healed and she drew her finger through the blood running down his chest. The sensation of being watched was no longer there and she felt spiteful, yet satisfied.

Cian stared up at the ceiling and let out a shuddering sigh.

“What now?” Amaliya asked softly, almost afraid that he was full of regrets.

He rolled over and opened up the concealed compartment that hid the controls to his sanctuary. Tapping in the code, he looked toward her and gave her a slight smile. The wall behind her slid up and she gave him a suspicious look.

“I want to taste the rest of you,” he said in a low voice that made her legs tremble. He kissed her again and his hands began to undress her. “Do everything we skipped over the first time. ”

Her voice shuddered as she whispered, “Yes, please. ”

Easily picking her up, he tossed her onto the bed. As the wall slid down to shroud them in blackness, he crawled between her legs and she moaned with delight.


It was close to dawn when The Summoner saw his opportunity. A young woman in jogging clothes slipped out of Cian's building and started down the street holding her car keys. He followed her at a distance, noting her bloodshot eyes and the slight reek of liquor on her breath. She was sobering up and obviously on her way to collect her car. After a short while, she began to jog through the streets and he moved through the shadows silently.

When she reached the empty parking lot, he took note of her rising fear. She had been afraid her car would be gone, either towed or stolen, or damaged in some way. Obviously relieved, she unlocked her car to get in.

“Excuse me,” he said from beside her.

She whirled around, terrified. Her eyes were enormous and she swallowed hard.

“Heather, it's me. Patrick. We met last night at the bar. I was worried about you when you disappeared. ”