His fingers plunged inside her again. Deep. Wide. Heather dug her heels into the mattress, lifting closer to him, bucking against each entrance to drive him deeper. She was drunk on the sexuality thickening around them, damp with perspiration, with the heat raging through her body.

“Ready now, baby?” he crooned, his voice dark, anything but soothing, as he lifted her closer, raising her legs until they rested on his wide shoulders, and positioned his erection for entrance.

“Sam…” She stilled as she felt the broad head of his cock beginning to part the tender opening.

“I love you, Heather.” The softly spoken words, so filled with emotion, with hunger and need, washed over her. “You are my life. You are the only bond I need. The only love I crave. Only you, Heather.”

She screamed as his cock pushed slowly, relentlessly, into her anus. Not with pain. With streaking pleasure so intense it burned her alive, sent flames flickering through her pussy, her womb, making her insane with the combination of carnal delight and emotional excess.

As he pushed with hot deliberation into the ultra-tight channel, his fingers weren’t still. His thumb raked her clit. His fingers played with the bare lips of her pussy, sliding in teasingly as he made a slow advance into the hot grip of her ass. She was dying with ecstasy. Heather bucked against him, trying to drive him deeper, gasping then crying out at the biting streaks of pleasure as her body accommodated the thickness of his cock, until he was seated in fully, every throbbing inch buried in her backside as the muscles convulsed around it.

“There, sweet baby.” He was breathing hard, fighting for control.

Heather stared up at him, dazed, her anal channel on fire, filled, stretched, awash in such stinging pleasure she feared the coming orgasm.

“Now,” she gasped, moving against him, trying to force him to begin the deep hard thrusts that would eventually send her spinning into her climax.

“Not yet, baby.” He picked up the dildo then. “I won’t share you anymore, but I’ll be damned if I’ll do without that certain little cry that pierces my soul when you get fucked like this.”

“Sam. I can’t stand it,” she cried out as he rubbed the firm head of the fake cock against her vaginal entrance.

He stretched her anus so tightly, filled it so deeply, that she feared what would happen to her own state of mind if he pushed that dildo up her pussy. She was already poised on such a peak of sensation it was mind destroying.

She had done this with his brothers. Felt their cocks straining in her body, her mouth, and hadn’t known this intensity of sensation.

“Too bad, baby,” he whispered gently. “Because here it comes.”

She could feel every thick inch, every manipulated ridge, every damned nuance of the fake cock as he began to work it slowly into her already tight pussy. She thrashed in his arms, screaming out as the pleasure tore through her body with bursts of heat so blinding it nearly took her breath.

When he had the device firmly, deeply, embedded within her, he began to move. Oh God. It was too much. He pushed her legs back, coming over her, bracing his arms at her side as he stared into her eyes.

“Now.” He pulled back, his cock nearly sliding free of her snug anus before he pushed back in a long, smooth stroke that had stars flashing in front of her eyes.

The dildo buried in her pussy moved with each thrust. Slow, shallow strokes that caressed nerves rarely exposed to such sensation, rarely stretched in just such a way. Her head tossed. Her muscles tightening on him as he groaned in pleasure and lost the last bit of control. She loved it when he exploded in just that manner.

He began to fuck her in earnest then. Each hard thrust inside her anus, each rasping of the dildo up her pussy pushed her higher, turned her into a creature of sensation, hungering, craving each second of the countdown to ecstasy. And he was driving her to it. Hard, blistering thrusts up her ass that kept her poised on that edge of pleasure, of pain, left them both gasping, moaning, desperate.

Her pussy rippled and she knew he felt it in the desperately stretched tunnel he was powering into. Over and over. Fierce, desperate thrusts as she felt her body tighten, her womb clench, her pussy spasm.

“Now.” She tried to scream as she strained against her bonds, feeling her orgasm building, surging…destroying.

Unconsciously, the muscles of her anus clamped harder on his thrusting cock, her pussy clenching on the dildo as every nerve ending in her body exploded. Seconds later, she cried out again as she heard Sam’s ragged groan, felt his cock throb, expand, then the hard, heated jets of his semen blasting into her anus, triggering another, deeper orgasm and taking her breath along with it.

“Love you. Love you. Oh God, baby. How I love you.” Sam collapsed against her, raining kisses over her face, her lips, as his body jerked, trembled, his own release rippling through each muscle and tendon.

Heather fought to catch her breath, but the aftershocks of the orgasm stole it each time. She shuddered beneath him, her own voice husky, ragged, as emotion rushed through her.

“I love you, Sam.” Tears dampened her cheeks, wet her lips. “I love you so much. But I need our own home.” The dam had broken inside her. “I need our own family, our own babies. Dammit, I want my own picture over my own fireplace.”

She was sobbing now, barely aware of him pulling free of her, removing the dildo and gathering her gently in his arms as he released her bonds.

“I want it all,” she cried into his chest. “I want all of you.”

She would never regret the time she had spent with his brothers, the sexual escapades, or the wildly erotic knowledge that she could have one or all, whenever it pleased her. No recriminations. No guilt. But she no longer wanted that. Had never truly wanted it for longer than it had lasted. She had what she wanted, what she needed, right now in her arms.

“Shh, baby.” His lips stroked over her cheek. “It was always yours, Heather. Always. All you had to do, baby, was tell me. All I needed was to know.”

“But you needed your brothers.” She shook her head, hating her own tears. “You needed that bond.”

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