For two weeks Cade, Brock and Sam had waged a steady, ever growing sexual war against their wives. The wives gave the clues; the knotheads ignored them and demanded answers. Sarah sighed. Brock was going to keep ignoring the clues long enough to piss her off and she would end up giving the game over to the men. She wasn’t much for games anyway. It was her idea to just lay the law down to them and have it over with. Marly and Heather were certain that wouldn’t work.

Sarah needed some sleep. The idea was looking better to her every day.

“How bad do we want this?” Marly asked them.

Sarah lifted her head and sighed heavily. “Pretty damned bad,” she muttered.

“The idea’s a great one,” Heather answered wearily. “The execution of it is just getting tiring as hell, though.”

“Then we finish it.” Marly’s will was a hell of a lot stronger than Heather had given her credit for.

When she first met Marly McCall, she had never suspected that beneath that sweet smile, the wicked glint in her eyes and gentle demeanor, existed a backbone of steel. She was proving differently, though. She had outlined the plan while still in the hospital after giving birth to Drace. Her voice had echoed with determination then. It was steel-hard with it now.

“How do we finish it?” Heather asked curiously. “They aren’t taking the hints, Marly. As you can see.”

“They will.” Marly seemed to have more confidence in the men than Heather did.

“At least you have a baby as an excuse to rest,” Sarah grumbled as she sipped from her wine. “Brock is killing me, Marly.”

Marly snorted. “Oh, is that pain I keep hearing in your screams then?”

Heather laughed. Sarah wasn’t above begging loud and hard once Brock got started. She always did say Brock was the most patient of the three men. And it wasn’t that it wasn’t enjoyable, Sarah thought wearily. It was just getting harder and harder not to give him what he wanted.

“Bite me,” Sarah said tiredly as she leaned her head back again.

“Uh oh. Brock,” Sarah heard Marly mutter as the sliding door whispered open and a step sounded behind them.

Sarah’s head raised in alarm as she turned around slowly. And there was Brock. Gloriously naked, his erection straining, throbbing heavily, as he caught her gaze and moved slowly toward her. Oh hell. She licked her lips in anticipation, feeling the moisture flooding from between her thighs.

“Brock, you were supposed to help Cade.” Marly sounded more than nervous now.

“Drace is sleeping fine, Little Bit.” There was no smile. He didn’t break his gaze from Sarah’s. “You can go check for yourself or stay and wait until Sarah takes care of this little matter she caused earlier.”

Sarah had a feeling she was going to pay for teasing him only seconds before leaving him with the other two men to watch the baby. Drace usually stayed up for hours in the evening.

He stepped into the hot tub, his cock, thick and delicious, at level with Sarah’s face now.

“Your choice,” he growled.

Sarah shivered deliciously. She opened her mouth.

Instantly she was filled with the thick male flesh pulsing so demandingly. Her lips closed over it, her tongue flickering against the head teasingly as her hands rose to grip his thighs. She was aware of Marly and Heather moving from the hot tub, fleeing from the sexual tension beginning to build in the grotto.

Brock’s hands gripped her head as he began to thrust in and out of her mouth. This was his retaliation. He always gave her the choice to begin with. She could ease the demands of his body, which she usually teased to a fever pitch, with her mouth or between her thighs. She always tried to stay in control. But she knew damned well what would happen next if she wasn’t extremely careful.

“Such a hot little mouth.” His words washed over her, spurring her own lust. “So tight and wet. That’s it, baby. Lick my cock. Just like that.”

She normally loved how very vocal he could get in his hunger for her. He never failed to tell her how much he enjoyed her touch. How hot her mouth was. How very good her tongue felt.

“There you go, baby. Suck me. Suck me harder, Sarah.” Her lips were wrapped around the turgid heat, suckling deeply, drawing him as far into her mouth as comfortable. She was quite adept at nearly taking him to her throat and then swallowing almost convulsively.

She did this now. Allowing the head to sink to the entrance of her throat, working desperately to swallow his flesh as he groaned in delirium. Oh, he loved that. His thighs trembled, pre-come leaking from the tip of his cock, salty and sweet at the same time. Then she drew back, savoring the taste that exploded on her tongue as pearly liquid dripped from his cock. He was close. So close, she could feel it.

His balls were tight against the base of his shaft, his breathing loud in the grotto, almost strangled with pleasure as he drove as deep as he dared into her mouth once again. Her fingers cupped his scrotum, caressed it as her other hand stroked the remaining length of his shaft not buried in her mouth.

“Fuck. Yes, baby,” he groaned. “Swallow my cock, Sarah. God, it’s good. Too fucking good.”

He was muttering his pleasure constantly now. A litany of scattered explicit phrases that had her flushing with heat, her vagina pulsing with need. She was already pleasantly tender from his lusty play hours before. She had a feeling she would be exquisitely sore before it was over with.