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Neither one of us talk, but I feel like we're saying so much.

"Thank you, Brett. I had no idea it could be like that."

"It will get better when you're not hurting."

She blushes prettily, and I turn my head to suck her nipple into my mouth. She's super sensitive there and groans.

I pop it out of my mouth. "One day, Emma, after we're married, we're going to do this without a condom because I want to feel YOU wrapped around me. I want your skin on mine."

"Married?" she exclaims.

I scoot up to where I'm lying next to her and we're face to face.

"Yeah, baby. I'm going to want to do that with you a lot. And I'm going to want our babies to have you for a mother, so yeah, married."

"You don't marry someone just to have their babies."

"That's just one of the reasons. I may have just met you, but already I know I want to spend the rest of my life waking up next to you. I love you, Em."

"Oh Bret, I love you too."

We kiss, and already I can feel my cock lengthening between my legs. I need to take care of the condom before we have a mess.

I lift up and stand next to the bed. "Can we do that again?” she asks.

"Yeah. When we go into town we'll get more condoms, then we can do it any time we want."

"You're marrying me, right - I mean eventually?" she asks.

"As soon as I can get you to say yes, we're getting married."

"So if I say yes now, does that mean we can have sex now - without a condom?"

I freeze after I drop the condom into the trash. Unsure of what I'm hearing, I walk over to the bed and pull her up so she's sitting next to me. "Do you understand what you're saying, Em?"

She nods her head. "That I love you. That I want to have sex with you, I want your babies and yes... I want to be your wife."

Unable to believe my luck, I feel like I need to press it. "Ya know, earlier you were talking about dating other men."

Her hand goes to my cheek, and she forces me to look at her. "I'm not Sophia. I want to live on this ranch. I won't be leaving you at the altar or the courthouse... whichever is quicker, because I want you forever, Brett Barrett."

"Forever, Emma. You're going to be mine forever," I tell her right before I push her down to the bed and show her exactly how much I love her.



One Week Later

I can't seem to stop fidgeting. This week has flown by, and the chaos and the rush, rush rush and hurry has now ended and culminated in this moment. I'm standing at the front of the church. Not because Emma chose this but because I wanted to give it to her. I didn't want to marry her at the justice of the peace. I only assumed that she's dreamed about her wedding day before. Haven't most women? Well, it's been a pact I made to myself that I was going to try and make all her dreams come true. Even if that means taking off my cowboy hat, shining my shoes, and standing at the front of a church waiting for her. I look over at Raymond and Peter. Neither one of them are any help. They're not happy about getting dressed up, and they look like they're ready for this to be over.

Emma stayed in town at Violet's last night so it's been almost twelve hours since I've seen her, and that's twelve hours too long. The ceremony doesn't start for another twenty minutes, but my mind is going crazy. I may not be able to see her, but I can at least talk to her... make sure she's okay and she's not having any second thoughts.

Fuck, I don't know what I'll do if she changes her mind. Chances are I'll just follow her around like a lost puppy until she feels sorry for me and takes me back.

The door I was told she would be behind is cracked open. I don't have any couth when it comes to Emma so I push it the rest of the way. "Emma," I say into the quiet room. There's no one here. Her sweet, flowery smell isn't even in the room, so I know she hasn't been here in a while.

I start to panic. My heart starts to race, and I bolt out the door and jog down the hallway, pushing open doors. "Emma! Emma!" I holler over and over. In one of the rooms, I knock over a vase, but I don’t care. Nothing matters until I find Emma.

Violet swings a door open. "What in the world are you hollering about? You do know you're in a church, right?"