Chapter One

The mirror before me reflected the naked image of the sexual vixen I longed to become. A woman to be desired, adorn in beautiful jewels, with each movement drenched in silky, sensual prowess. A tigress so thoroughly laced in hedonistic sensuality, with no need to be clad in anything more. As I stained my full, pouty red lips with the deepest shade of crimson, I smirked coyly in knowing I could seduce just about anyone, even the handsome affluent boss whom enslaved my dreamy fantasies in dripping wet pleasure every single night. Following my outline with my eyes, my fingers traced circles along my thighs and repositioned the false pearls around my neck. Every curve dipped into a delicious valley of well tanned, mocha colored cream. The delicate fragrance that misted my skin was sweet, like a warm cappuccino on a cool winter's day. The pearls that lay around my neck, accentuated my skin tone as if they were illuminating up my face. My high cheek bones were gently dusted with blush, my eyes outlined in black. I looked just like a goddess. If only someone could see me this way.

As I traced my skin, I felt an intense longing deep within my pelvis that ached heavily in the absence of a lover. I pondered why with skin so soft and silky, why I lacked an endless supply of suitors feverishly clamoring to caress me, especially around the smooth and sumptuous curve of my bottom. I turned slightly to expose my wonderful rump and smiled while tenderly squeezing it, my nails digging into the sensitive skin and eliciting a hiss from my mouth. It would be impossible for Devon to ignore me now that I was enhanced and full of flavor. His hands might reach for my luscious red hair, newly dyed to resemble the fire of desire rooted in my loins. My beautiful locks hung down in large curls and landed on top of my pear shaped breasts that were perky in the dim candle lit room. The skin surrounding my heavenly nipples sparkled like gold every time I turned to admire each side.

I just wanted to reach down and caress my delicious tulip that was now engorged with greed for the delectable wand just waiting for me at work...

* * *

I shook my head.

Dusk was fast approaching and I didn't have any of the tasks done that I was supposed to finish an hour before closing. The place I worked for was a lucrative trading business that partnered with overseas clients for incoming and outgoing products. All sorts of goods were shipped through our company from shoes to clothing to cars. Anything that was worth anything was sent using our boats because we were the most environmentally friendly and the most reliable shipping business on the globe. My boss, Devon Bloom, was an absolute hunk, his physique was comparable to Adonis. Much of his body was finely chiseled from years of care and building, his skin tan from multiple trips to the beach each year. I had been eying him since I was first hired a year ago and couldn't seem to keep my gaze from lingering over to his office every half hour of the day.

He was who I had been thinking about just this morning while I was getting ready for work, my eyes drinking in every bit of my appetizing form in hopes that he might notice me today. My new make-up, hair, and jewelry had already won over a few compliments from others around the office, so why wouldn't he also admire them? I had been so lost in my thoughts which prolonged my procrastination, the thought causing my fingers to twitch over the keyboard as I tried to regain my concentration. My eyes lost focus of the screen and trailed across the desk to Devon's office. He was still working diligently unlike me who was only imagining my own body vividly while aching for his.

I watched him through the glass as he wrapped up the last batch of calls for the evening, noticing his discontent after that last one. He tossed his cell phone across the room and it shattered against the wall. I guess I'd have to order him a new one again. If I didn't have these tasks done in the next ten minutes, he might yell at me. I was sure to be punished in some humiliating way like being scolded in front of the entire office the following afternoon when I would least expect it. I quickly pushed that thought out of my head as I typed vigorously into my laptop. I noticed his figure moving out of my peripheral vision and started to panic, making a number of mistakes in one of the memos I was typing up for him that was to be sent out before the next morning.

It looked like I was going to be pulling another coffee-driven work night at home.

As Devon came out of his office, he tossed a few files on to my desk and waved his arms in a frustrated manner.

“I don't get what it's going to take to get those guys to come to our side of business,” he said sternly while firmly crossing his arms over his chest. “It's like they don't want good service.”

I nodded, but kept my eyes firmly on the screen before me, hoping he wouldn't notice that I was behind on all of my work. As I typed, Devon watched me with curious eyes. A tingle rippled between my thighs, causing the taut skin to twitch. What was he staring at?

“Did you dye your hair, Miss Andrea?” he asked while leaning forward.

His tie hung down over the folders and I couldn't help but follow the strange pattern up to his playful eyes that were drinking in my appearance. I gulped quietly before replying.

“I did, Mr. Bloom. It's called Ravishing Ruby Red. The salon says it suits my complexion.”

My voice sounded weak in the silence of the office, the other desks around me completely abandoned of their workers in the dim office light. The darkness beyond the windows outside warned of the hour and I knew I had to get home soon lest I get scolded by appearing totally inept at finishing my work.

“It certainly suits your complexion. Good job,” Devon said, and then quickly added, “Do you have those reports finished?”

I stammered over my response, my knees shaking beneath the pencil skirt that was brand new in my attempt to appear more professional. This was it. I was about to get that verbal lashing. I knew it was coming and I watched as his mouth open in preparation for the words to pummel me.

“If you don't, that's fine. I have another project for you to complete,” he said while I tried to formulate my response.

“I'm sorry, sir,” I blurted. “I was so overwhelmed today with the Richard account and then Blanch called with the files from Tuesday and--”

Devon raised his hand, effectively silencing me. His features were soft under the dull office light and looked somewhat sympathetic, appearing to regard my apology as somewhat comical.

“You are a wonderful secretary and I want you to feel appreciated. Sometimes, you have to take your work home. There's nothing wrong about that. I do it all the time,” explained Devon, his eyes glittering with amusement.

“Thank you, Mr. Bloom. I appreciate that,” I replied with a little more confidence.

“Good. I'm glad. Now, your new project will be a bit more complicated than the others, so I'll need your full attention on it tomorrow,” he said while looking down at his nails.

I wasn't sure exactly what he was talking about. What new project? We hadn't taken on any new clients since the last case I was handling, and I was sure these folders in front of me were for some of our usual accounts. Did he need me to pick up his laundry? Pick up his kids? Did he have any kids? I wasn't even sure if I knew much at all about Devon's personal life other than that he liked wings on Wednesdays. He said project, not errand. What was I thinking? It was so difficult to keep full focus around him that I almost started to break into a sweat until I managed to rise from my chair to begin packing my belongings.

“I'd be glad to do to whatever project you need me to do, Mr. Bloom,” I replied a little more boldly than before. “It's such a pleasure working for you.”

That was likely pushing it, but it caused Devon to smile which tickled my ego a bit. I couldn't recount how many fantasies I'd had of this exact moment where Devon recognizes my amazing secretary abilities and then gives me a promotion within the same breath. He may not be promoting me, but his compliment had raised my confidence and I was feeling a little better about staying behind after work. If I hadn't gotten behind, then he wouldn't have said all of these things and then chosen me for a special project, so it must have been something I did right instead of wrong.

Devon had disappeared back to his office while I was deep in my thoughts, likely gathering his things as well. He met me in front of my desk and we headed for the elevator to head down to the parking garage. In truth, I was glad he was still around because this parking garage was frightening at night. Although I am aware of defense techniques that I had learned back in college, I fear the right burglar could manage to overpower me in the unsupervised space and potentially do me some serious harm. I thought about the project he wanted me to take on.

“So, what is this new project, sir?” I asked while the elevator doors closed.

“It's a special task that not just anyone can complete for me,” Devon explained while fumbling with his suitcase. “We'll talk more about it tomorrow.”

As we exited the elevator, I realized his car was on the other side of the lot and quickly wished him a good night as my heels clicked towards mine. Devon stopped and turned to follow me, calling out that it wasn't a good idea for me to be walking alone. I pointed out that he would still be in the lot and I would be fine.

“But I'd be too far to rescue you,” said Devon with a wide smile. “I'm sure you could handle yourself, but you never know when you might need help.”

Blushing, I readjusted my satchel over my shoulder and pulled out my keys to unlock my car while thanking him.

“I hope I don't appear that helpless,” I said while turning over my keys to prolong his presence next to me.

“Not at all, Miss Andrea. I find you quite capable,” he responded.

The compliment caught me off guard and I dropped my keys on the cement below, practically falling to the ground after them to pick them back up. Our hands brushed together and I nearly swooned, having not had contact with Devon since the first handshake right after being hired. I stood too quickly and had a dizzying fit that nearly caused me to faint. Suddenly, I wasn't feeling too hot. Devon gathered my keys and handed them to me as I giggled in response to the situation, shrugging at my own clumsiness. His debonair smile lit up the filthy garage and we wished each other good night before I climbed into my car to drive away while thinking about his lips.

What in the world was I thinking? Devon Bloom was such a handsome, upscale man with refined tastes and I was lacking shine, luster. If I had hoped for a kiss, it was purely out of girlish fantasy, a silly little wish from a lonely woman who hadn't had a date in months. Most of those months were spent cycling through different men to screw which wasn't necessarily a bad thing. I appreciated the comfort and sexual favors from each man and how they didn't want to remain attached for very long. Being able to sleep in my own bed without anyone hogging it was pure bliss, but it still made me feel alone.

As I pulled up into my empty driveway, I sat for a moment and stared at my house. I knew I had a bit of a late night ahead and I was prepared for it, but I still couldn't get Devon out of my mind. That brief touch had left me shivering with delight. I wanted to know how it felt elsewhere on my body, whether his hand was heavy or gentle. His soft fingers looked like they were excellent for holding and I found myself drifting into one of my usual fantasies. After entering my house, I set my things up on the coffee table and settled in, debating whether or not to take care of the annoying tingle in my vulva. I shifted from foot to foot in deep thought as my fantasies started to take over.