I sighed and pulled into the driveway, taking a moment to stare at my house before turning off the engine. I grabbed my things from the car and bustled through the door, hauling my load to my room. My mother greeted me from the bathroom as I walked by.

“Hey, sweetheart!” She called while putting a bright diamond in her ear.

“Hey, mom!” I set my things down. “Where are you off to in such a sultry outfit?”

My mother struck a pose and smiled.


t's Karen's birthday tonight, so we're grabbing some dinner and then heading to the bar.” She grabbed her purse from the counter and leaned over to kiss my cheek. “Your dad made dinner. It's in the oven. I'll see you later!”

Well, that was easy.

I watched my mother leave and ran back to my room to set everything up. I wanted it to be absolutely perfect. I shuffled wildly through my tote to find the collar I had bought earlier and set it carefully on the comforter for Daddy to find. I wanted to wear it now, but I also wanted him to put it on me. The house was so abnormally quiet that I wondered if he was even home. I listened at the door for any sort of movement or indication of his presence. His bike was out front when I pulled up, so he wasn't out for a joy ride or at the shop. I recall the excitement in my gut when he had texted me this morning saying how he was looking forward to seeing his princess later.

Me. His princess. He called me his princess. I nearly cried with joy. I hadn't belonged to anyone like this before and I was loving every minute of it.

While lost in thought, I hadn't heard the footsteps coming up the hallway. A voice broke the silence outside my door.

“Is that my little girl?”

A gasp escaped my lips and I smiled, covering my mouth. Before responding, I pulled my clothes off slowly to reveal the brand new lingerie underneath. I tossed my clothes aside and got on my knees, a position I had noticed on that blog. This position promised my subservience to Daddy. It showed my willingness to follow his direction and to be every bit of his fantasy as he was mine. I smoothed my hair, took a deep breath, and bowed my head.

“Yes, Daddy. It's me.”

The door creaked open. I didn't look up. I kept my eyes lowered to my knees where my hands rested and waited for his direction. He walked towards me and silently regarded my stance and outfit. I drank the attention gratefully.

“You have done a wonderful job at pleasing Daddy.” He said. “And what's this?”

I felt him reach over my head to the bed where the collar sat in the plush blanket. Without another word, he pushed my hair away from my shoulders and wrapped it around my throat. I smiled.

“This is perfect. It suits you. What do you say?”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

“You're welcome, baby girl. Now, give me a kiss.”

As I raised my chin, I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans to find a readily hard cock waiting for me. I looked up at him as I took his entire member into my mouth, soaking every inch with my lips and tongue. Daddy groaned, surprised and pleased that I was kissing him in a different way. I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and continued sucking the head as I stroked him. He slowly ran his fingers through my hair until he found a good chunk and tugged.

“Take it all,” he whispered. “Like I good girl.”

He forced my lips down further and I choked, trying hard not to gag on his quivering appendage. I held back the tears and took him all the way to the back of my throat while still sucking. He whispered encouraging words and stroked my head, moving with the rhythm of my lips. I could feel him twitching. I dug my nails into his hips and pulled him in and out of my mouth, determined to make him cum with my lips alone. I wanted to show him what I could do. I wanted him to be proud. I want him to want it so badly because I was the one who could do it right.

I looked up at him as he pumped faster, his legs tensing as he picked up rhythm and groaned. Our eyes locked and he exploded, hot cum shooting down my throat and spilling out of my mouth as he continued to pound my face. When he stopped moving, I lapped at the cum dripping from the head of his cock which caused him to shudder and teeter forward. He caught himself before falling.

“Good girl,” he said while panting. “A very good girl. I'll have to reward you.”

I smiled and thanked him in the way I'd become accustomed and started to stand when I heard the front door slam. Daddy and I stared at each other, frozen in our places. Cum decorated my face and his pants were on the floor. I heard my mother's voice coming up the hall, explaining she had forgotten something important like her ID or her money or her tampons or something really stupid that completely destroyed the moment we were having. Her voice neared my door and I panicked, attempting to come up with an explanation or even picturing escape plans.

But her voice faded. She went back up the hall. The door closed. Silence followed.

Daddy stroked my face with his free hand and wiped some cum from my lips.

“My dirty secret,” he whispered. “You're my dirty little secret.”


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