and it is as if a penny drops and everything suddenly makes sense. He smiles, a relieved smile, an I’m-so-glad-it-wasn’t-me-because-I-really-thought-it-was smile. He pulls her close to him and plants his lips on hers, kissing her long. And then he lets her go and looks at her closely.

“That’s a relief,” he says. She doesn’t quite understand what he means but has to let this go too because he is kissing her again.

“Will you come tonight?” she asks him when they are separated.

“Careful what you wish for…” he says, and then laughs at a joke that only he gets…

Chapter Four

Sophie realizes that she still doesn’t have Jamal’s number by seven o’clock that evening, and she also realizes that she didn’t say what time he should come around. She is ready for him to arrive, and she wants him to get here soon before she loses her nerve. But she knows that she won’t though. Tonight is the night that she will become a woman, and she will become a woman at the hands of Jamal.

Around 8:30, with Sophie having drank half a bottle of wine, there is a soft knock on the door. She knows that it is Jamal, and so she adjusts her short dress and goes to the door. Opening it, she sees Jonah standing outside his apartment again, looking knowingly at Jamal. He seems to know who he is now, and he just shakes his head. Sophie really doesn’t care, because as far as Jonah is concerned, Jamal is the one getting to enjoy what he will only ever hope to. Jonah really isn’t her type anyway.

“We didn’t say what time?” Sophie says as she lets him in to the apartment.

“No we didn’t,” he says, holding a brown paper bag. She wants to ask him what’s in the bag but doesn’t. Instead she pours him a glass of wine. Then she remembers that she had actually got beer that afternoon, purchased for her by the assistant at the liquor store because apparently he thought that this was his way of getting into her pants, and offers him a beer instead. Jamal gladly accepts it, apparently relieved that there is this familiar liquid now.

He puts the bag on the table, and looks at it. He seems to be as interested as she is in the contents of the bag, but still Sophie doesn’t ask him what is inside it. After drinking half of his beer, he pulls the brown bag to him, and then opens it. Sophie tries to sneak a peek inside it but it is not possible from the angle that she is sitting at. Then he pulls out a large tubular bottle from the bag, a red round bottle. Now she looks closely to see just what this is.

“It’s lubrication,” he says, and she is suddenly taken aback. She knows why she told him that she was a virgin this morning, but now that he has come armed with lubrication she feels like she perhaps made it too easy for him. Sophie knows that she didn’t though, and she really doesn’t even care if she has. She really wants him to take her, and now that he is aware of her status, she knows that he will handle with care.

“Okay,” she says, finishing the contents of her glass. And then she watches him finish his beer before handing him another one, taking the lubrication from him. She turns the bottle over in her hands, and when he finishes his beer he gets up, lifting her off the couch, and carries her to the bedroom. It really is now or never.

Jamal takes off his own clothes, watching as Sophie takes off her dress. In her panties and bra, she gets on the bed. He is standing there in his boxers, not sure if he should take them off. He decides to give it a minute, and gets on the bed next to her. He lies next to Sophie and runs his fingers up the full length of her body. She closes her eyes, and feels his fingers moving all over her now, and then she feels his hands on her bra. When he gets it off too quickly she is suddenly tense.

“Relax, I got you…” he says, and then starts to pull her panties down. Sophie knows that she has a great body, and so she lets him. She also shaved that morning too, so she is as smooth as a baby’s bum down there. She wanted nothing to get in the way of what she hopes will be easier than the thoughts that she is having. She is really driving herself crazy with thoughts of what it will feel like, and she just wishes that he will get on with it so that she knows.

Naked now, she looks at his shorts. He smiles, and doesn’t take them off, seeing her inquisitive eyes falling over his bulge. He will tease her with the anticipation. Jamal puts her down on her back, and then tells her to close her eyes. She does, and he traces small circles on her belly with his long, thick finger. Then he reaches her clit, and he taps on it lightly. Before long he is rubbing deep circles into her growin

g flower, and soon enough it fully blooms with coated nectar. He goes down on her with his mouth, wrapping her lips in his now, and then he finds the space between her sweet folds that is suddenly so inviting that he cannot hold himself back from sticking a single finger inside it.

He is patient though, going in very slowly, and filling her with his long, thick finger. He starts to move this finger around in circles, small circles at first and then slightly larger circles. Nothing is intrusive though, and he stops pushing his finger into her just as soon as it reaches the soft firm sheath that stands between her and womanhood. Sophie knows that he could go deeper. She wants him to go deeper. But she also feels a little bit uncomfortable as he nudges just a few millimeters into her now, so that she knows that this is the part inside her that needs to be broken down.

Then Jamal removes his finger, as slowly, as deliciously, and as soon as it is out of her she wants it back in. She opens her eyes, catching his eyes on her face, and then on her breasts. He goes down on her chest with his mouth and starts to suck slowly. He sucks so deliberately that she really starts to think that honey is coming out of her nipples. One thing is certain, Jamal is a very competent lover.

He knows just how to touch her, and she is soon comfortable enough to take two of his thick fingers inside her, without any added lubrication. She is just so wet, and apparently so willing, that Jamal goes into her with two fingers and smiles, stopping just before he reaches the barrier. Then he pushes a little further, goes a little deeper, and then moves his fingers in a pivoting motion, first to the left and then to the right. Sophie holds his hand, keeping it in place, not wanting him to be out of her just yet when this is what he is threatening to do.

“Nice,” he whispers, and he keeps fingering her a little more. She is not sure what her body should be doing now, but finds herself sensing the all too familiar tingle of pending orgasm. As her pleasure mounts, she is unable to hold back the tide. Her body shudders as she is wrought with ecstasy. She moans as waves of pleasure wash over her, drawing her hips deeper into the pulsation of his fingers. Watching her body writhe, Jamal can't help but sense how taught the skin of his extremely erect member now is. Unable to resist, his fingers slip just a little further into her , almost breaking through her walls. He doesn’t though, and as she comes down from what was really the most beautiful orgasm she has ever had, he slowly removes his fingers.

“Are you okay?” he asks her.

“Yes,” she whispers, turning her head to the side, looking away from him, feeling the intensity of his stare.

“You are very beautiful,” he whispers, bringing his mouth onto her again. Then he is kissing her neck again, and then her breasts. Sucking on her breasts, she is really breathless now. Sophie closes her eyes, and just enjoys the warmth of his mouth on her luscious peaks. Then he starts to nibble on her nipples, and she opens her eyes again, looking down at his mouth on her. She takes her hands to his head, and pushes him down on her gently.

When he rises up from her, suckling the sweet juices of her valley, his tongue savors the sweet cream that laces his full lips and he grabs the lubricant from the side of the bed, looking at her. “Do you trust me?” he asks her. She nods. “Then close your eyes,” he says. He opens the bottle and pours a little bit of the lube on his fingers. He rubs it against her slit, and then starts to move it inside her. His finger goes far up into her, lingers for a moment, and then is slowly removed. A little more lubricant on his fingers, he makes his way up inside her again, coating the inside of her pussy with as much lube as possible.

Sophie starts to lick her lips. Jamal licks his lips before going down and licking her lips. She smiles, opening her eyes. He looks at her, reprimanding, and she closes her eyes again. Then he slides two fingers into her, easily because of the lube and the natural wetness of her pussy, and he fingers her slowly. He fingers her a little bit harder and then pulls his fingers from her. Jamal parts her legs a little more, and looks at her pussy, before looking at his fingers. They are thick and they are incredibly long. He is going to have to be careful.

Jamal brings his mouth on her, and then starts to get a finger inside her again. Then he adds a second finger, and it is a comfortable fit. He kisses her deeper on the mouth and starts to snake his tongue into her mouth now, starting to very slowly push a third finger into her. She starts to pant, and he sends his tongue deeper into her mouth. Sophie tries to move her pussy away from the fingers inside it now, just because she needs a minute, but Jamal knows that it is now or never.

He gets his three fingers into her and the squeeze is really tight now. He starts to move them in and out of her very slowly, and she doesn’t give at all. Her cunt just wraps itself so tightly around his fingers that he has to really concentrate now. He lifts his mouth off hers now and looks at her pussy. Jamal watches as his fingers get almost all the way inside her, stopping just short of the barrier, and then slowly removes his fingers from her, completely.

After positioning himself on top of her, he parts her legs a little more. He looks down at her, smiling, she now opens her eyes. There is no way that he can get her to close them now, and so he just looks into her beautiful emerald orbs, heavy with lust, rubbing his head against her slit. He thinks for a moment that he should perhaps have put a little bit more lube on her and in her, but then he thinks that would just be overkill. He needs to test her now though, and see if she is really going to trust him enough to take her most prized possession.

“Do it,” she whispers, as he starts to nudge into her slowly.

“Are you sure?” he asks, sending more of himself into her, a millimeter at a time.