“There is nothing to get over from.”

Brian leaned in, putting his hand on my knee, gently gliding his hand towards my pussy.

“What are you doing?” – I almost snapped, taking his hand and removing it from my leg.

“It’s simple. I like you Beth. We’re not related, step-sisters and step-brothers share no relation whatsoever. I think we’d make a great couple. What do you say?”

I looked at Daddy who was following my conversation with Brian closely, and replied: “Let me think about it.”

After breakfast, Daddy and Brian left and mom decided it was time to go shopping so we can prepare for the event tonight. She wanted to look her best, and I saw she was so much in love that she only wanted to impress his family. We went shopping, bought new dresses and even had our hair and makeup prof

essionally done. Apparently, Daddy was very well-off and all his friends and family were off the same caliber. Which meant, we simply had to look our best.

Mom wore this beautiful floor-length silverfish gown which complemented her eyes. Her hair was up in a very elegant bun, accenting her lean physique and beautiful neck. Me on the other hand, I wore this red, short dress, had my hair down and my makeup was “nearly there”, but enough to accent my eyes and lips. All in all, I was ready for Daddy’s looks.

He even had a car sent out for us to pick us up. The driver knocked on our door, opened the car door for us and took us to Daddy’s house.

“Oh, by the way, I forgot to show you this!” – Mom squeaked as if she was a teenager. Waving her hand into my face, I soon realized she was bragging with her engagement ring. And boy, she really had something to brag about! The ring was beyond beautiful and elegant, with the biggest diamond I’ve ever seen!

“I’m happy for you mom!” – I said, leaning in and giving her a hug.

“I guess it’s all official now!” – She said, almost tearing up.

“Yes, and it’ll be okay! Now don’t cry you’ll ruin your makeup!”

As we arrived to his house, I realized Daddy really was a very rich and successful man. No wonder his charisma was simply drawing everyone in. His house was a mansion: huge but tastefully decorated. It looked like a Spanish mansion, warm, inviting and elegant. Brian was standing in front of the entrance, apparently waiting for us:

“Welcome ladies! Please allow me to escort you to the dining room.”

We smiled and we took Brian’s hand allowing him to escort us in. The mansion was truly breathtaking, I couldn’t stop admiring the architecture, the paintings, the walls… I heard mom laugh before she looked at me and whispered: “I was the same like you when I was here for the first time.”

As we entered the humongous dining room, I saw Daddy standing behind the head seat at the table. There were already a lot of guests, all elegant and dressed up, seated, waiting for us to arrive. As we walked in, mom went straight to Daddy who in return, walked to her, taking her hand and kissing it: “My beautiful bride!” – He declared, as everyone around the table gave them a round of applause.

I was still standing at the entrance, next to Brian, trying to take in the whole grandeur of this night. On the other hand, I couldn’t take my eyes off Daddy, who looked as if he was a movie star.

I completely forgot about Brian, until I felt his hand on my ass. I turned to him: “Take that hand away from me!” – I snapped, trying to keep it low. He smiled, leaning in and staring into my eyes. God, there was so much of his father in him and I knew Brian will grow to become the man that his dad was. But, for now, he was still just a boy. A very naughty boy.

As he leaned in, instead of removing his hand, he sneaked it in under my dress and into my panties, slowly massaging my pussy from behind.

“You can’t tell me this doesn’t feel good?”

As I was staring into his eyes, feeling the wetness, I thought there was no way to escape him now. Until:

“Beth! Please come over, I want you to meet everyone!”

I looked up and I saw Daddy, facing me with his arms outstretched. I confidently smiled, glaring at Brian: “It really doesn’t.” - With this, I walked towards Daddy, hugging him while the guests were applauding once again.

In the midst of the applause, what no one was able to hear, was Daddy’s words to me:

“Be a good girl don’t let him touch you. Save yourself for Daddy.”

I nodded and went to take my seat.

Chapter 5

I soon realized that in between the guests were a lot of people from our family. Namely, my grandparents, cousins, mom’s relatives which I didn’t know were going to be here tonight. We met Daddy’s family and it turned all of them were really nice people. His friends were high-class but they were also kind and good-spirited. The conversation at the table simply flowed and it felt good to be there that night.

Dinner was spectacular, there were so many courses and plates I stopped counting. But, everything was delicious.

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