Chapter 6

After the ceremony, I stood by at the side watching mom dancing with my new Daddy. Actually, I was staring at him, not able to look away. The charisma of power and success combined with experience and physical beauty was making me droll. Just by looking at him, I was wet. I was imagining his hands up my skirt, his touch on my skin, his prickly beard on my face when Brian came and stood right next to me.

“I see you watching. I just don’t know why you stare at him that way.”

I was dragged away from my fantasy, painfully aware Brian was talking to me.

“What way? I wasn’t staring.”

Brian leaned in on me even more. I could smell his perfume, I felt his body weight on mine.

“Doesn’t matter little sis. As long as you pick me.” – He whispered, lowering his right hand on my ass, grabbing it with full force. No one that was in front of us knew what was happening. I wanted to move away and leave but I caught Daddy looking at us. From his look, I knew he was aware of what was happening and I knew he wasn’t pleased. I decided to play along, I wanted to make him jealous. So, I leaned in even more on Brian’s hand, looking up and flirting with him.

“What do you want Brian?”

“You. Isn’t it obvious?” – He gushed, surprised by my reaction. With his other hand he was holding a glass of wine: “You want some?”

“I’m not legally allowed to drink.”

“You’re not legally allowed to be this hot either.”

I smiled and took the glass from him. As I was sipping, I saw Daddy staring at me. I knew he wasn’t happy by what he was seeing. I knew he was jealous. And, it made me feel good.

“Shall we dance?” – I asked as Brian took my hand and led me to the dance floor. He held me real tight as we danced and I was aware at the glances we got from the people around us. I was aware they were already whispering how the step-brother and sister got too close. But, I didn’t care.

I relished his look. Daddy was staring at me with such intensity that made my toes curl again. I knew I was going to be punished for my actions as I just disobeyed him: I was not behaving as a good girl anymore.

As the party came to an end, it was mom, Brian, Daddy and I that were left on the balcony. Brian was clearly tipsy and I let him kiss me, without mom seeing us.

Daddy was staring at us: “Brian behave. Go to bed. Now.”

His voice was stern, stable and low, more like a growl than speech. It looked as if Brian sobered up the minute he heard his father talk and without saying a word, he left.

“I’m going to change.” – Mom said, kissing Daddy and hugging me.

It was just the two of us outside, standing one across the other. The night was calm and warm but I had goose bumps all over. As soon as he was sure mom was not coming back, he slowly walked up to me. The way he walked made my heart race and took my breath away. I was left speechless and helpless.

“So, you let Brian touch you?”

I nodded. I couldn’t utter a single word.

He came face to face with me and put his right index finger on my lips. He was massaging them, touching them, rubbing my lips with his finger as he was staring into my eyes.

“I asked you to be a good girl, Beth. And it seems you have disobeyed me.”

I lost control over my knees and body. I was shaking. Not from fear but from anticipation, from attraction, from how drunk this man made me feel. I wanted him.

He slowly opened my mouth and put his right index finger inside.

“Lick. Gently.” – He whispered as he stood there, watching. I was looking directly into his eyes while I took his finger and licked it slowly before I started sucking on it. I saw him open his mouth in pleasure then close it again. Daddy leaned in even more, using his left hand to glide it inside my skirt from behind and spank my bottom.

He wasn’t being gentle. The spanking hurt. I was surprised and humbled at the same time. He saw my expression and smiled: “You’ve been a very naughty girl, Beth. And I have to discipline you.”

With this, I felt his left hand struggle through my panties and opening my ass. He was gliding his hand up and down before pushing one of his fingers inside. It hurt like hell and I almost screamed.

“I’m finger-fucking your asshole, Beth. This is what happens to bad girls. Don’t you dare make a sound.”

I completely fell onto him. The pain burst throughout me, I felt tears streaming down my face and I was biting on his shirt to contain my screams. As I leaned in, I felt a huge bulge in front of his pants and I knew he was hard for me. Despite the pain, knowing that I was able to turn Daddy on, turned me on even more and I lifted my head and kissed his neck.