Daddy looked at me: “So make him keep his mouth shut. Be a good girl.”

He smiled and exited the room.

After he left the room, I took some time just lying on the bed, thinking about what had happened. I was happy: I finally found the type of man I was looking for, strong, stable, experienced. I needed time before I was able to get out of bed as my knees were shaking and I wasn’t able to walk properly. As soon as the euphoria had died out, I ran to the shower, got dressed and went down to eat. I was famished.

Chapter 8

Later that day, mom and Brian returned from work and we had a family lunch outside on the beautiful balcony. Mom was beyond happy: I could tell by the way she giggled all the way through lunch.

Brian, on the other hand, was staring at me. His eyes, so similar to his father’s, only less experienced, were telling me he knew what was happening. I played it cool and tried to ignore him.

“I have an announcement to make.” – Daddy started and we all looked at him: “Now that we’re a family, a new one at that, it’s time for us to take a vacation together. Everything has been settled, and we all leave for Italy next week.”

“Italy! Oh my God, Mike you’re so romantic! I can’t thank you enough!” – Mom said, standing up and running to him, hugging him and giving him a kiss. I played the good daughter, picked up my glass for a toast and said:

“Thanks Daddy! You really are the best!”

“He really is something, isn’t he?” – Brian whispered as we all smiled looking forward to our vacation.

Later that day, mom and my stepdad went to dinner with friends. They were newlyweds and were celebrating their newfound happiness.

Since it was the summer break, I stayed in the house out by the pool, reading. Brian walked up to me:

“So, would you explain what I saw last night?”

His sentence really hit a nerve. I was terrified and started trembling. As much I was trying to mask it and play it cool, I knew he noticed I was nervous.

“What are you talking about?” – I asked, as cold as possible.

He leaned in and sat right next to me. He put one of his hands on my knee:

“What were you doing with your new daddy last night on the balcony?”

I was shaking, my legs were trebling and he saw it. Instead of pushing further, he simply said: “Don’t worry, Beth. I won’t tell if you don’t. I will, however require a small favor for keeping my mouth shut.”

“It was nothing. We weren’t doing anything!”

“Really? How about we leave your mom to be the judge of that?”

Brian took out his phone and showed me a clip: a video he had made from standing at that window atop the terrace. It was dark but it was zoomed in and it showed both of us: daddy and I, getting close. As much as the video didn’t show his hand up my butt, it showed his finger in my mouth. It was beyond incriminating.

“Give me that!” – I yelled, trying to get to the phone, but he was faster than me. Brian was smiling: “So, as I was saying, you do me a favor and I won’t tell a soul.”

I was beaten. I knew he had won and there was nothing I could do about it. The last thing I wanted was to compromise my mom’s happiness, a happiness she truly deserved. I knew if she found out about this, it would break her heart. And, I simply couldn’t afford it.

I stood in front of the pool, arms on my hips, looking at Brian who was stretched out on one of the sunbeds. He had a very satisfactory smirk on his face as he knew he had me.

“Fine. What do you want Brian?”

He took a deep breath and eyed me top to bottom: “You already know what I want, as I’ve told you.”

“I don’t understand?” – I asked, crossing my arms and staring at him. I was agitated, to say the least.

“You. I want you, Beth. That’s all.”

The dreaded truth. I was scared he would do something like this and it happened. I thought about it, if I did what he was asking me to, no one will ever find out anything. And, I was no longer a virgin as t

he man I wanted to take my virginity just did that, this morning.