I ran to my room, wearing nothing but a bikini and I applied the lipstick I had bought in Italy. As I climbed down the stairs, I noticed the maid was nowhere to be seen: he had to have sent her somewhere.

As I knocked, I heard him say: “Come in, sweetlips.”

I opened the door, and there he was standing in the middle of the study, completely naked with a raging hard on.

“Lock the door behind you.”

As I did, I walked over to him. His smell: that scent of man drove me crazy and I wanted to fall in his hands, kiss him and lick him. As I tried, he pushed me away, forcing me to go down on my knees.

“Kiss my dick sweetlips. Make sure you leave your lipstick stain all over it.”

I did my best in kissing, licking and sucking his cock and I watched his gaze on me. There was something different this time: a coldness in his eyes I hadn’t seen before.

“Stop. Get on all fours, sweetlips.” – His demanding voice threw me off, I didn’t know what to expect. As I did, I heard him walk towards his cabinet. He took something from there and walked back towards me.

As daddy took off my bottoms, I felt his hands opening my ass and I felt something cold getting slowly stuck in my butthole.

“You wanted toys, sweetlips. I’ll show you toys.”

The pain was excruciating! He pushed the butt plug completely inside while spanking me, hard. I screamed in pain. He took his tie and he tied up my mouth: “No more yelling!” – He screamed, hitting me again. I felt tears streaming down my face as I heard a vibrating sound, I turned my head around to see the biggest vibrator I had ever seen! Daddy was holding it in his hands and he was guiding it towards me. As I tried to move, he slapped me on m

y ass again, even harder than before: “You’ve had this coming, sweetlips. Behave now.”

I felt the vibrator’s head being placed on my clit. It was on and it took him a second to totally turn me on. I was wet and it was driving me crazy! My feet were vibrating, kicking, fighting to cum, but it was all to no avail as daddy wanted to play.

I moaned, that was the only thing I could do, as I felt the vibrator being pushed inside my pussy. It was big and it was very difficult at first, especially since I had the butt plug in.

“You like this, sweetlips, don’t you?”

I tried to nod as he went all in and I almost collapsed. He fucked me with the toys while I was lying flat on the ground, completely unable to move. He had broken me and he knew it.

As he finally removed the toys, I saw him open a secret door in his study and he took me by the neck and pushed me in there. All sorts of machines that looked like they were for torture, were in there.

He had me sit on one, had my hands tied on rails on either side of me. The chair I was sitting on had no middle, and I could see there was a dildo below. A screen was right in front of me and daddy played me porn. As I watched a girl being gangbanged, I felt aroused again. Daddy pressed a button and I felt the dildo below me enter and exit my pussy, first slowly, then faster and faster. It drove me insane: the sensation of being fucked so right and so good, along with knowing daddy had full control over me, was mind-blowing. I wanted to cum, I was trying to, and at the same time I knew he wasn’t letting me.

After who knows how long, he turned off the TV and stopped the machine. Daddy untied my hands and mouth and had me kneel in front of him. I took his cock in my mouth and I felt him explode inside my mouth. He massaged my lips as he pulled out of my mouth.

“I want to cum.” – I dared to say as he gently slapped me on my cheek:

“You haven’t deserved it yet.”

Chapter 7

I was barely able to walk out of his study. Luckily, there was no one in the house. My knees were weak, I was sweaty and I smelled of sex. That was one of the best fucks I had ever had, however I needed to cum. Desperately.

I ran to my room and laid on my bed. As I started touching myself, I closed my eyes and thought about the secret room again. Daddy knew how to fuck me; he knew what I wanted. I was trying to make myself cum when: “Guys, I’m home!” – A familiar voice sounded from down below.

Cursing and still wet, I got into the shower and after that, I went downstairs. Daddy was outside on the balcony with Ethan and a girl. As I walked to them, Ethan stood up, running to me:

“Hey sis! I decided to surprise you. This is Ann, my girlfriend.”

“Hi Ann! I’m Beth.”

“Glad to finally meet you, Beth!”

The four of us sat on the balcony, drinking ice tea. Ethan was telling us stories about his college and how he met Ann. Of course, he kept saying how awesome she was, and in a way, it did make me jealous. After all, she was only average looking.

Ethan and Ann got to stay in Ethan’s old room, together. This was bothering me a lot, especially since it seemed he had forgotten about me. His room was next to mine but there was nothing I could do as precious little Ann was in there too.

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