It was late afternoon when mom came back home. All five of us had a lively dinner by the pool. We talked, we laughed and we had fun. After dinner, as we were climbing the stairs to go to our rooms, Ann asked mom if she can give her a tour of the house. Mom, of course, gleefully agreed and it was daddy, Ethan and I climbing the stairs.

“You two better behave.” – Daddy barked at us as he went to his room. As Ethan and I walked to our rooms, I couldn’t help but ask:

“So, is she a better fuck than I am?”

He seemed surprised at first. After that, in a second, he turned towards me, squeezing me against the wall behind me and started kissing me, passionately: “No one is, Beth.” – He whispered.

Even though I knew we could be caught, I pulled him in and started licking his neck while touching his cock. He moaned in my ear as I felt his hands travel towards my ass, squeezing it.

“What are you doing?” – A female voice came from the hallway and as we turned, we saw Ann standing there.

“Ann I can explain…” – Ethan started as she walked passed us and went straight to the room. We both walked after her.

“Look Ann it’s not…” – As we walked in the room, Ann had already undressed and was lying on the bed.

“What you two were doing was f-ing hot. Close the door.” – She said. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Ethan looked at me and smirked. -"Why don't you see for yourself if she is a better lay."

I locked the door as Ethan went to her. I stood there as I watched him kiss and lick her neck. I watched as she ripped his clothes off and took his cock out. I stood there while she was sucking him off. Ann was staring into my eyes while she was sucking him off and it was a huge turn on.

Ethan was grabbing her butt and pushing a finger in. That’s when I decided I needed to help. I walked towards her ass and leaned in, licking her clit. I heard her moan in pleasure: “Oh Beth keep doing that!”

I pushed two of my fingers into her pussy as I was licking her clit. Ann was sucking Ethan off while he was looking at what I was doing. Apparently, this whole thing was too much for him and in a minute, I saw cum dripping from Ann’s mouth.

“Sorry. Too hot.” – Ethan said, as he lied on the bed, looking at us.

Ann and I were facing each other and we started kissing. This was the first time I was with a girl and it felt oddly pleasing. It wasn’t rough or painful, but extremely enjoyable.

We were touching our own bodies as Ann made me lay down flat on the bed, with my legs spread. She went down on me, licking my clit, massaging it then finally sticking her fingers inside me. She never broke eye contact, which was most arousing. Ann had a good body: she was short but well built, big tits and a nice round ass.

She made me stand up and place one of my legs between hers, in a way so my pussy was rubbing off of hers. We started moving, it was almost as if when I was on top, but different and better. Ethan sat there, watching us, as I saw his cock was getting hard again. Ann and I were rubbing our pussies off and in a second, I felt I came as hard as if an earthquake hit me.

I laid flat on the bed, grasping for air. I saw that Ann wasn’t there yet, but thankfully Ethan was ready to go again as I had to strength left in me. I laid on the bed as I watched Ann bend on all fours and Ethan fucked her from behind. Both of them were staring at me and I was touching myself, gently, just to put on a show.

I saw Ann came before Ethan was able to. She helped me get up on my knees and it was the two of us licking his cock as he finally came on our faces.

Chapter 8

Ethan and Ann were visiting us for two weeks. During those two weeks, the three of us were inseparable. We went everywhere together, we did everything together. Mom was very happy that I finally had some female company and I have to admit, I really loved Ann.

After our first fuck, we took every single minute we could to do the same thing. Sometimes even without Ethan. Ethan loved fucking us, but even more he relished watching us fuck each other. Daddy had noticed there was something going on, but he wasn’t exactly sure what since he was very busy and didn’t have the time to be at home. I also saw him looking at Ann and I knew that look very well: daddy was longing for her but it seemed that I wasn’t the only one that noticed it.

It seemed I was the only one that noticed the flirtation between Ann and daddy. Ethan didn’t seem to pay attention and mom probably thought daddy was just being kind. As the days went by, I started feeling more and more jealous after all, sharing Ethan was one thing but sharing daddy completely different. Ann soon noticed the changes in my behavior as I refused to go out with them but would rather stay at home. What she didn’t know is I actually saw her sneaking in daddy’s study one day and I didn’t have to see what was happening: I just knew. As much as I loved her up to that moment, from then on I simply wanted her to disappear from my life.

I soon realized daddy wasn’t paying any attention to me. He was either absent, with mom or he was entertaining Ann. It made me mad to think that goose was able to take what was mine. On top of it, I looked a hundred times better than she did. I had to do something.

So, one night as I saw her sneaking in daddy’s study again, I woke up Ethan and told him where to go. Reluctant at first, he decided to listen to me and went down the stairs and into the study.

I waited over half an hour and nothing happened. I grew impatient and decided to go see for myself.

As I walked in the study, I noticed in was completely empty. So, by default I knew they were all in the secret room. It took me awhile to figure out how to open it, but luckily I knew where to look. As the secret door opened in front of me, I saw daddy fucking Ann from behind as she was sucking Ethan off. As much as it was arousing, it also made me angry: why wasn’t I invited?

“What are you doing?” – I yelled, intentionally so I would scare them.

They all stopped and turned towards me. Daddy took a step towards me, reaching out:

“Beth, sweetlips, come here.”