The soft patter of feet moving along the carpet approached me and I felt the presence of Devon leaning over the bed to gently kiss my lips. On cue, I opened my eyes and smiled as his face came into view.

“Good morning,” he whispered. “Did you sleep well?”

I nodded, knowing better than to open my mouth before I had time to rinse my teeth. I wasn't sure I had even packed to stay over. In fact, I didn't think this was part of the initial plan. I was grateful that he took care of me, though, as whatever that drug was had put me under quite a spell. Stretching again, I realized that I was nude and quickly pulled the sheets up to my chest out of embarrassment. Devon laughed and slipped his hand under the sheets, taking one of my pear-shaped breasts into his hand.

“There's nothing to be shy about. I saw you naked last night,” he said as he licked my neck. “And I thoroughly enjoyed the view.”

A giggle escaped my throat as he played with my nipple, his lips trailing along my neck and to my ear where he licked the lobe playfully. I felt absolutely smitten and wanted to tell him, but still felt self-conscious about having morning breath. I turned my head away and commented how I had enjoyed the previous night even though I was still a bit woozy. He lamented the fact that he had given me a whole pill, saying he probably should have cut it in half since I had never had it before.

“Next time, we'll do that,” he said.

“There's a next time?” I asked.

“Of course. As long as you want there to be a next time, there will,” Devon responded.

His fingers reached down under the sheets and pleasured me briefly, the silky lips receptive to the touch of him even while sober. I almost begged him to climb on top of me, hoping that maybe he would keep his promise from the previous night. I desperately wanted to please him and found my hands reaching for his pants that were now tight around the zipper. Beneath the fabric was his hard rod ready to be stimulated, the head poking out from his briefs and twitching in response to my touch. A moment later, I had pulled his hips towards my mouth and devoured his wand whole, the head of it pushing

into the back of my throat. I trailed my tongue along his shaft, using my lips to massage as I bobbed up and down.

The hand beneath the sheets continued to push between my petals, feverishly trying to elicit the same moans from last night. I pushed the sheets off my body, revealing my tan nude form, and pulled him from my mouth while wrapping my hand around his shaft. The skin throbbed within my grip and I pumped hard, daring him to cum on my face. Moans filled the air with absolute bliss, the sound of flesh slapping together a pleasure in itself. I looked up at his handsome face that was twisted in utter ecstasy and demanded that he mount me.

Delighted, Devon removed his hand from my delicate peach and propped himself between my legs, his rod pressing between my lips eagerly. I teased him with my engorged clit and dragged it along his shaft, eliciting moans straight from his mouth. As I rolled my hips against him, he found the opening of my flower and penetrated my petals, surprised gasps echoing through the room. The girth of him filled me to the brim with jubilation, every fantasy coming together to prove how his presence inside me was more than mere pleasure. It was absolute bliss. The primal urge to mate was overpowering, causing me to grunt and grip his shoulders. I dug my nails into his taut skin and he hissed, taking my wrists and pushing them down to the bed.

“There are consequences for hurting your precious Daddy,” he growled.

“Be nice or I won't take you to another party.”

Alarmed that I had offended him, I apologized repeatedly until he withdrew his cock and flipped me over for a vicious spanking. I screamed against the sound of his hand slapping my bottom, the sting causing me to grow wetter than before. Elation filled my gut and I screeched for him to fuck me, begging him to bring me to completion.

“Say please and call me by my name!” Devon demanded.

“Please, Devon,” I cried.


“Call me by my name,” he yelled between spanks.

“Please, Daddy,” I cried over the sound of slapping. “Please, please, please!”

Without warning, he propped himself back between my legs and gripped my thighs, shoving his throbbing cock deep within the abyss of my warm chasm that welcomed him. He reared back and started to grind hard, shoving himself as deep as he could possibly go while shoving my face into his plush pillows. My quivering thighs were met with his hips, each slap sending me out into the universe and plummeting back down to earth in a dizzying cycle that seemed to last for eternity. Within moments of his hand caressing my clit, I was overwhelmed by the drugging waves of my orgasm, completely enveloped in its explosion. This time, I stayed out amidst the stars above the earth, hovering briefly before crashing down into the ocean where I was met with cool relief.

Devon flipped me over on the bed and curled into my side, sweating viciously from the heat of our vigorous exercise. He commented on how I was a good girl and how being so obedient would earn me some sweet rewards. Too exhausted from the activity to ask, I rolled over into his arm and inhaled the scent of his cologne, suddenly feeling my hunger take hold. The feeling of him inside me was exactly what I had dreamed, every bit of his cock sumptuous and the taste pleasantly lingering in my mouth. I noticed the sticky substance along my stomach and laughed, asking if we could shower.

“Anything for my sweet little girl,” he responded while pecking my lips.

“But first, clean up Daddy's cum. He's made a mess.”

I looked down at the creamy load still sitting on my stomach and wiped it with my hand, hoping maybe to find a towel.

“Eat it,” he demanded.

While holding his gaze, I held my hand up to my tongue and licked it away, swallowing every bit of the substance that entered my mouth. My little displayed earned a wet kiss and a loving pat on my vulva before Devon stood to go to the shower. Turning, he called for me in his sweetest voice and told me to crawl to the bathroom to show him how much of a good girl I could really be. This little game was absolutely delightful, filling me with such excitement as to cause me to grow wet again. I didn't know how long I'd be able to hold out until the next time he penetrated my lips for they were suddenly aching again.

I crawled over the luscious carpet into the bathroom, the tile cold underneath my hands and shins. Congratulating me on being so good, he gave me permission to stand and enter the warm shower to rinse. Inside, he delicately traced my body with a soapy cloth, wiping away all of the sweat from earlier. He whispered sweet, comforting phrases and promised me everything I wanted as long as I was good and as long as I called him Daddy. I felt like a princess in that moment and smiled wide, excited for the relationship that was about to develop between us. As his lips met my skin, whispered his name repeatedly, relishing the sound of it in my mouth. My Daddy, I thought. Mine.

Chapter Five

Needless to say, work was awkward the following Monday as the whispers in the office grew loud enough for me to hear. I wasn't sure what exactly happened to me over the weekend, but I was stronger than ever. This strength turned into a stern look that shot its way over my shoulder and effectively silenced the entire office in one go. My ego shot through the roof. Noticing the change in my demeanor, Maura approached me at lunch in the break room.