At dinner, Ethan was pouring extra wine to mom, and she was drinking it. All of it. I had never seen her drink that way and I wasn’t sure if he was thinking he was getting her drunk or she had simply decided to let him get her drunk. Anyway, dinner was awkward, to say the least, although mom played it as cool as possible. She simply acted as if nothing was happing and the good daughter that I was, I acted like I believed her. I kept looking at each of them across the table. One, then back at the other. I kept saying to myself that there was no way this was even happening. Ethan did not have enough balls to try what I thought he was up to, not to mention mom. Mom was head over heels for daddy, and there was no way in hell she'd even contemplate anything with Ethan. I mean, how could she? Or...would she?

After a while, mom excused herself as she was already tipsy and her face was blushed. She had to lay down and I understood that, being a bit relieved that mom didn’t actually do anything except for flirt. As she stood up, she turned to Ethan speaking as softly as possible: “Ethan dear, thank you so much for this beautiful day. I really enjoyed spending time with you. You are the spitting image of your father, inside and out. And I'm glad to have you in our little family."

As she was leaving the dining room, I saw the glow in Ethan’s eyes and I knew instinctively he had other plans.

"That little bastard"- I said under my breath.

As we finished our meal and went to our rooms, I took a shower and didn’t even try to seduce Ethan, considering how annoyed I was. I was thinking about his actions concerning mom and I wasn’t sure just where exactly was he going with this. As I went to sleep, I had a restless dream, constantly tossing and turning, until around about 2am when I opened my eyes, and heard a strange sound. In a sleepy haze, I heard panting and moaning coming from what seemed to be outside. Passionate cries of desire and despair filled the hallway and my eardrums. Was someone crying? I laid in bed for a while thinking it was my imagination or maybe the television downstairs was left on, making those intense sounds. Only after I was fully awake, I realized the sounds were coming from down the hall. I stood up, a bit giddy because that meant that daddy had returned from his business trip a day early. I thought about it for a little while, but my inside nymphomaniac got the best of me: I decided I’d walk up to their bedroom to watch them fuck one more time. After all, I’ve had really good orgasms listening and watching them, so what’s another one?

I walked down the hall and towards their bedroom. The door was opened, slightly ajar, as if someone opened it intentionally. I hid in the corner and decided to kneel and take a peak, trying not to be seen, of course. As I poked my head in, I was surprised: daddy wasn’t back from his business trip it all! It was Ethan, my stepbrother, fucking my mom! Mom was blindfolded and she was grabbing her ankles, moaning uncontrollably. I’ve never heard her moan that way. Ethan was behind her, fucking her doggy-style, spanking her with each thrust, going harder and harder… Just by looking at his face, I was already wet. I wanted him, I wanted Ethan to come back and fuck me harder and better as he used to. I sat down at the floor, fully aware that he saw me. Thankfully, mom was blindfolded. I sat in front of him, spreading my legs full wide, staring into his eyes while touching myself. Anger and sheer lust swirled inside me simultaneously. I was overcome with pleasure, seething anger, yet dripping, soaking wet with arousal. I had never felt such extremes before. Not even when I walked in on Daddy, Ethan and Ann. I needed this. It was the most savage, the most wild, the most prohibited sort of sex I’ve ever seen. Ethan saw me, he smiled and simply continued to fuck my mom even harder, saying: “Does he fuck you like this huh? Answer me!”

I was rubbing my pussy as hard as I could, hearing his voice and then hearing my mom beg him not to stop. Ethan repeated his question a few more times before he finally heard what he wanted: “No! You are better! Please fuck me, don’t stop!” – My mom said, as I finally was able to cum. I stood up and left the room, leaving Ethan to his own finale.

As I clasped the door knob to my room, my heart still racing, and my legs still quivering from my erotic release, I whispered to myself -"Pandora's Box...Wide Open."

* * *