The moment the thought entered my mind, I felt Daddy run the head of his staff against my bud and I bucked in response, the elegant form of his cock a delightful reprieve from the spanking. He allowed his erection to cushion against my petals in an effort to tease me and I felt my fluids begin to gush around his rod. Once he was properly lubricated with my sumptuous nectar, he pressed between my lips and parted my warm tunnel for his entry. Endorphins flooded my body as soon as he was fully immersed and I bit into the ball in my mouth as I smiled uncontrollably. The crowd surrounding us gasped in awe of how receptive my rose was to his stem, our union a beautiful display of affection and trust. Daddy took my hips into his hands to steady himself as he began to rock against my thighs, his wand parting my petals repeatedly and stimulating my secret spot deep inside my warm chasm.

My head lolled side to side as his hips rolled into my thighs, their meeting causing a sting to rush through my entire bottom as the skin was still braised from being slapped. The pleasure combined with the pain was absolutely thrilling and I found myself moaning loudly into the rubber ball. The attendees watched my eyes roll up to the back of my head as the heat between Daddy's skin and mine grew to an unbearable force. He was slamming his rod deep into my rose, using his fingers to stimulate my delicate bud that was engorged with the thirst for his precious cream to decorate my lavish flower. The ottoman was rocking beneath my shuddering form as Daddy prodded me and I could feel my flower blossoming into a fully exposed rose, the petals expanding to accommodate for the coming rain.

As my soft petals parted once more, my saccharine nectar saturated his delectable wand and my pelvis exploded like plump clouds releasing its nourishing rains to the earth below. A bay erupted from my solar plexus like thunder, signaling that lightening had struck the soil underneath and had charged the earth with electrical pulses. My body felt much like the delicate ground being pummeled with the force of nature, all of her glory bursting from my tender form. Daddy sprayed my garden with his wonderfully soothing cream, the warm fluid dripping down my leaves to the soil below and cleansing my body. Cheers shattered the silence and I noticed the entire group clapping in unison at our wonderful display. The straps were removed immediately and I floated through the crowd to a familiar hallway.

Daddy was carrying me away to rest, laying kisses against my head as I gagged on the ball still occupying my mouth. After laying me upon a fluffy bed, he removed the obstruction and laid his lips upon mine in celebration of our joyous union. He whispered the most comforting phrases, running his hands over my sore bottom in an attempt to soothe the red skin. The happiness I felt permeate my body satisfied me beyond belief and I traced the mask on his face in admiration of his entire being. I could feel the love growing in my gut, but I didn't dare say it out loud. It was too soon to say it because I knew it might frighten him away. However, I knew it resided in the secret compartments of my heart and it patiently nestled itself into one of the empty rooms.

Before I could kiss my sweet Daddy again, a dark figure called for him from the doorway of the room. He turned to see who it was and then looked back at me lying on the bed, my red curls a mess about my face. He told me my radiant beauty was absolutely captivating, but that he must attend to some business.

“But Daddy...” I whispered against his fading outline. “Don't leave me.”

“I'll be back, my sweet princess. I shall send someone to comfort you,” said Daddy from the entrance of the room.

In the haze of desire for his company, I hadn't noticed a woman lay upon the bed beside me. Her body came in and out of focus, my hands reaching out for hers that wrapped lovingly about mine. The warmth radiated from her breasts as she leaned over into me, her lips centimeters away from my ear as she spoke softly.

“You may call me Lady. Your Daddy introduced us earlier, but I was preoccupied with my sweet little slave,” she spoke eloquently. “I'll care for you while your Daddy is away. Do you need anything?”

I asked very kindly for water which she delivered to me without missing a beat, her soft hands delivering my aching soul from the grip of panic. Outside the door was the sound of passionate debate, Daddy's voice clearly standing out through the noise. It disturbed me that they were so heatedly engaged and I asked Lady what might have been going on. She shrugged and wrapped her silky arms around my shoulders, saying that everything would be just fine. Part of me suspected that someone had a problem with his ownership of me, or maybe it was someone attempting to gain joint custody of my sweet rump. It haunted my ears as I fell to sleep with Lady wrapped around me. While her bosom was a delightful pillow upon which to rest, I found my dreams anxiously submersed in the argument occurring just outside the door.

“...what could possibly sweeten the deal...”

“...I've no idea what you would want...”

“...precious, so precious...”

It seemed they were alluding to treasure, perhaps even one that was so sacred it couldn't be settled in just one sitting. I heard them agree to a meeting later in the week and made a mental note to attempt to remember it. At this point, the delight was beginning to wear off and I was rousing from my brief slumber. I turned my face over to Lady's breast and planted my lips deep in her cleavage, thanking her for the comfort she was providing me. Daddy walked into the room and chuckled lightly at the two of us necking on top of the sleek sheets. He crawled on the bed over us and inserted his lips between ours to make a loving triangle. How exhilarating it was to share the kiss of a strange woman as well as my Daddy. Suddenly, her silken fingers were pulling up the hem of my dress and exploring my tummy.

Before she could feel my watered flower, Daddy stopped her and said we could play another time. I lamented not having more time with Lady as her breasts were so delicious and supple in my mouth that I wanted to taste them even more. I asked Daddy if she could visit sometime. He said she would if I behaved during the week which made me smile contentedly. As we said our goodbyes, Daddy wrapped his arm around my shoulders and led me out of the room to bid adieu to the rest of the party. They all waved their elegant hands that weren't preoccupied with a garden or tree and I raised my arm in return. We parted the curtains and sunk into the darkness of the night, disappearing beneath the cloak of his car guarded by the stars.

Chapter Six

When we arrived at Daddy's condo, he sent me to shower and went out into the living room as I disrobed. I was worried about his well-being, knowing well the concern written across his face that was more than obvious once the mask was removed. I watched him from behind the door as he paced the floor, his expensive black shoes cushioned against the plush, white carpet. The nervousness grew once again and I went to the shower in hopes that it might improve my mood. When the warm water hit my bare bottom, I screeched and hopped from the glass enclosure. Daddy was instantly at my side and he took me up into his arms, apologizing for hitting me so hard. Tears were streaming down my face from the pain as I leaned into his chest, the hug not enough to dull the pain that my bottom endured. Although I desperately wanted the warmth of the shower to cure my sore muscles, I was afraid of the sting it would surely bring.

“My darling, I am so sorry. Let me cure you,” Daddy said softly while lifting me into his arms.

He laid me out on his bed and disappeared momentarily. Upon returning, he had a few items in his hand that he said would help. He placed some ice against my sore skin which caused me to hiss, the pinch of the cold less horrible than the sting of warm water. After icing my bottom for a few minutes, he patted it dry with a towel and then began to apply some soothing cream to the braised skin. I took this opportunity to ask him about his hefty debate from earlier.

“Daddy, who was that man?” I asked innocently from the pillow, my arms wrapped around the fluffy material to hug as he rubbed my bottom.

Daddy sighed before responding.

“His name is Julian Ottosen,” he explained while laying back on the bed beside me. “He is one of the richest men in the world and a potential client for our business.”

I studied the features of his face as he spoke, my eyes trailing over the strong jaw and dipping down into the curve of his neck. It beckoned to be kissed, but I knew he was speaking in a serious manner which meant I had to wait to play. I tried to be respectful to Daddy when he was in business mode. Interrupting his thoughts might lead to a horrible punishment and I wasn't sure I wanted to know what it would be this time. As my eyes trailed back up to his, I found them staring right back at me. I couldn't help but smile.

“What were you arguing about?” I asked as I met his gaze.

“Terms of business,” he replied. “And nothing more. Just a bit of a disagreement.”

“It seemed so serious,” I whispered from the pillow.

I could feel myself beginning to

fade into the abyss, my eyelids drooping against my will to keep them open. Though I was exhausted, I didn't want to miss pillow talk. Being able to open up to Daddy while relaxed on his bed was one of the most soothing parts of my evening with him. I had only experienced it a few times, but it solidified our bond. It was the moment where he would ask me all about my aspirations and whether I would succeed in this business or start my own. I relayed how much I wanted to be in business myself, not remain a secretary for the rest of my life. He had encouraged me to reach higher and I intended to do so, but I also didn't want to leave his service.

Before I knew it, I had fallen under the spell of slumber. I could still hear Daddy speaking over the pillow, mentioning how he wanted to bathe me even though I was hardly awake. He couldn't put me in the bath as it would harm my bottom, but he could at least bring the bath to me. I smiled through my sleepy state and relished the comforting feeling of a warm sponge gently pressing against my skin, caressing all of the parts of me he treasured deeply. He pressed into my rose and carefully pulled back the petals to dab the inside and then trailed the sponge up the length of my torso to my breasts where he kissed the nipples that were now aroused to stand. I wasn't sure when he had manage to flip me over, but I wasn't complaining at this point. I plummeted suddenly into darkness which cradled me, my mind still abuzz with the excitement from the party.

No sooner had I fallen to sleep was daylight meeting my eyes, inviting them to open. I focused on the ceiling first and then turned to find Daddy sleeping peacefully against my left breast, a sponge still in the grip of his hand. I giggled and removed it, placing it carefully in the bowl on the night stand. This motion caused Daddy to rouse from his sleep and he greeted me with a joyful smile, wrapping his lips around mine. I wasn't sure what he had planned for us today, but I hoped it would have something to do with food because my stomach was begging to be filled. I asked Daddy if he could treat us to brunch and he said yes, rising from the bed and pulling me with him.