But that wasn't probable. I couldn't force Daddy to run away from his business and I couldn't stop Maura from bringing up muck about my darling Daddy. What else could I do in this situation? I was frozen in the break room when Daddy appeared, saying he needed me to handle his things while he went to a meeting.

“But you don't have one scheduled today,” I said and then immediately regretted the words that had come from my lips.

Daddy raised his hand, threatening to strike my face.

“Did I ask you to check or did I tell you to go back to your desk and do your job?” he asked sternly.

I lowered my head and apologized for my insolence, then walked to the front of the office with a false smile on my face. The eyes of my co-workers watched me as I sat down, their gaze fixed on the back of my head. I knew they could tell something was up as I was shifting frequently in my chair, the bruises now practically black from Saturday's spanking. I didn't care what they thought. I was here for Daddy, not them. I serve him. Every part of my being lives to serve him and whatever he wants of me.

Chapter Seven

Another week had passed in a flash and everyone was leaving for work. Daddy hadn't sent me home early like he usually did and I was slowly packing my things as the others walked to the elevator. Maura locked eyes with me in passing and I grimaced, looking away to take care of my things as I shrugged off her warning from Monday. Whatever had made her say that probably came from a place of jealousy or mischief. She was a catalyst for things to go awry and I knew that now. I just needed to get over it.

After the office had emptied, Daddy came out and leaned into my desk.

“Lady asked for you this week,” he said, avoiding my eyes. “But I'm afraid I had to say no.”

“Why?” I asked, upset that he hadn't told me.

“Because of your behavior on Monday. It was rude and callous. I took personal offense to you questioning my orders,” explained Daddy while shooting an angry glare at me.

“I'm sorry,” I whispered as I hung my head. “Please, forgive me, Daddy. I am so sorry.”

I felt the tears welling up around the edges of my eyes, but kept them from falling. Daddy didn't want to see me cry. He just wanted me to genuinely apologize so we could go home and change. While sulking and hiding behind my hair, Daddy reached over and lifted my chin with his gentle fingers and smiled, forgiveness shining from his eyes. It made me perk up a bit before we collected our things. In the parking garage, he insisted that I leave my car since we were already running late and I didn't argue with his logic even if it seemed a little weird. I climbed in his car and we drove off.

At the condo in Daddy's room, another elegant and magnificent dress was waiting for me on his bed and I pulled it on as soon as I laid eyes upon it. The billowing skirt made me look like a floating princess, the matching tiara a delightful addition that shined as bright as my smile. Daddy put on his best suit, slipped a rose in his breast pocket, and then wrapped my collar around my neck. At the mansion, we pulled on our masks and Daddy stopped me. He looked closely at the collar, said it looked a bit dull, and removed it. When I asked where he was going, he said he was taking it to a servant to have it polished and he would return shortly. After a few minutes, I grew impatient and went through the silk curtains by myself, hoping to find Lady on the other side.

As usual, the room was lit with candles and many of the attendees were wrapped in luscious splendor, bodies shining with sweat and pleasure. I admired them as I walked through the room, my dress dragging behind me. I felt a hand plant down on my shoulder and turned to find Daddy who immediately shoved delight into my mouth and instructed me to swallow. I apologized for entering without him, but he dragged me into the middle of the room and tossed me down to the ground, unbuckling his belt while instructing two men to hold my arms in place. My corset made it difficult to turn even though I knew what Daddy was about to do. My petals were already soaked in hot anticipation of his stem, unfurling to reveal the mess of nectar just waiting to be greeted by his cock. The two men lifted my dress and used it to hold my torso, keeping me from moving at all. Daddy nestled between my thighs and shoved himself inside without teasing me which nearly ruined the moment until I felt him fill me with his girth. The delight began to take effect while he penetrated my flower, the delicious bliss taking hold and turning the room into a frenzied blur.

The two men continued to hold me as Daddy instructed them to flip me over, his stem returning to my petals in order to part them for his entry. I stared up at the ceiling as he sunk in and out of my garden, and I bayed as he drove deeper. Pressure met my throat and I realized his hand was wrapped around my neck, pushing down slightly to rob me of breathing. This combined with him pummeling between my legs gave me a jolt of pleasure that sank into my pelvis and caused me to flood his stem with fluid. As my eyes began to roll up, I watched a figure come into view. It appeared to be a man at first, but then I noticed the winking of gold in the dim light. I read the letters and suddenly gasped at the sight above me.

It was Daddy.

He was holding up the beautiful collar and his lips were moving, but I couldn't hear what he was saying. Panic rose up to my chest and I nearly lost consciousness until the man violating my flower had released my throat. I took a deep breath and squealed, trying to shove the men off of me who were holding me down.

“You're not mine anymore, princess,” he said slowly through the blur of my tears. “You belong to Julian. Be a good girl and make him cum.”

While he was speaking, I was shaking my head. I didn't want to be robbed of my Daddy! I didn't want to belong to anyone else! My body was meant to serve him and only him. I couldn't possibly enjoy pleasing this man who I had only met once. As Julian drove into my soft tulip, he gripped my thighs and grunted. The room was driven into chaos at the sight of me being given away and murmurs echoed through the room. He cock twitched inside my flower and I felt his thighs tense, his grip tightening around my legs. As Daddy left my vision, Julian instructed the two men to bring my face towards his cock in order for me to be marked with his hot load. The room was chanting for him to cover me, for him to remove my mask and replace it with his sticky cream. Obediently, the men ripped off the mask and my face was met with the substance that ended my belonging to Daddy. By cumming all over my face, Julian had shown the room that I was now his property and he would do whatever he wanted with me.

After groaning loudly and gripping my hair, Julian lifted me off the ground and carried me off to that hallway where he tossed me in a room and forced one of the women in the corner to lick the cum from my face. She obeyed and licked my face clean, then bowed at the edge of the bed waiting for his next command. The feeling of her tongue against my skin had been exciting, the plush warmth a welcome feeling to the harsh drive of Julian plowing into my sacred garden. I felt betrayed by Daddy as well as slightly aroused. The feelings together were incredibly confusing and caused me to cry. Julian climbed on the bed and cradled my face between his hands, shushing me while assuring me that it would be okay.

“You're my gift, my sweet addition,” he said soothingly. “Your Daddy gave you to me as part of a deal. You are so precious, so very precious, and I will do everything to take care of your needs.”

I met his gaze with some hesitation, his square jaw and handsome face coming into focus as he wiped the tears gently from my cheeks. I wasn't sure what to think, but I couldn't say no. I'd already dug myself too far down into the darkness of this world to be able to climb out. The earth was beginning to crumble over my frail body as I realized I belonged to someone else. I asked if I would ever be able to see Daddy again and Julian said no, that he was taking me to a new place where we could have the same amount of fun.

“And more,” he added. “We'll have so much more. Do you see this little girl over here?”

Julian motioned to the naked woman at the end of the bed.

“You can play with her, too. You'll both be my little girls. Is

n't that great? We'll be a family,” he said while stroking my face. “Lia, come please your new sister.”

Without resistance, Lia crawled over the bed as Julian held up my dress and she met my sore tulip with her eager lips, her warm plush tongue unfurling over my engorged bud that excitedly accepted her kiss. She dove down beneath the petals into the pool of nectar, sucking the sweet fluid out while looking up at me. A smile crept across her lips while she rolled her tongue around my clit and I couldn't help lending myself over to the pleasure of the situation. My body accepted Julian's hands that wandered curiously over every bit of fabric, pulling the strings of the corset in order to discover the beautiful mocha skin beneath. I met his lips without resistance, falling under the spell of new flesh as the delight soared through my system.

Their touch fanned the flames of hedonistic lust raging inside of me. As if bands of sensuous, electric current were flowing across my body, the rise and ebb of impending orgasm betrayed my deepest affection and sorrow at having been given away by my Daddy. In that very instant, as waves of orgasm washed over me, and moans of pleasure erupted from my silky lips.... my body had fully betrayed my heart. I wasn't sure how happy I would be without Daddy, but this moment had me totally mesmerized. Lia was devouring my sweet flower and eliciting all manner of moans from my lips while Julian dipped his tongue over every bit of exposed skin. If this was my family now, I might as well enjoy it. I could almost hear Maura saying that she had warned me originally, but I would never see her again, so I wouldn't have to worry about her smug correctness. Daddy's image filled my mind, but I quickly pushed it away as Julian's face came into view, his dark eyes drinking in my entire body. He reached down to hold Lia's hair as she lapped at my tulip, the petals reddening beneath her pink tongue. As I, again, exploded in blissful surrender to the feeling, I verbally vowed to be his servant and fell back into the pillows, a new garden blossoming between my legs that Lia and Julian were planting. I am now his and hers. I will remain loyal and be good.

After all, it's what Daddy taught me.

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