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Teach Me, Daddy

Chapter One

“It's not even that late.”

My step-father's figure filled the entrance to the hallway.

“Victoria, it's well past two. Where have you been?” His concerned tone aggravated my thighs, a rare feeling that came only prior to pleasuring myself in the privacy of my dorm room. The brief passion made me blush.

“I was out with friends. We were celebrating Sandy's birthday. I'm perfectly capable of handling a late night out.” I explained.

It was tasking to keep my hands away from my face. I could feel my cheeks growing hotter the more he stared into my eyes, my thighs twitching when I glanced at the chest tattoo that was peeking out from beneath his tank. I'd only known him for the past year, but it felt like centuries. With a mild crush like mine, days weaved together like milky spider webs that popped up in the corners of the garage window. I couldn't count how many nights I stayed awake just to listen to him grunt from across the house with fingers pressed beneath my shorts in an attempt to mimic his motions. I ached.

“Regardless, you're an adult now and your studies should come first. Hand over your keys.” He held out a roughened hand.

I eyed his hand defiantly and pressed my lips together. I wasn't prepared to handle him acting like my father just yet. I was still caught up in a fantasy world where we weren't perceived as related, where I could casually call him Alfred and no one would think twice about me reaching for his hand. I felt like a child ogling his tan arms in the dim light of the moon sparkling through the glass door. If I gave up my car keys, I'd have to get rides to work and social functions, something I found unbearably embarrassing at my ripe age of nineteen. My lips twisted harder together when he wiggled his fingers in response to my silence. I sighed.

“Fine.” I conceded to his punishment. For now.

Rather dramatically, I squeezed past his bulky arm and trotted off to my room where I quickly shut the door and the desire to touch his muscular physique behind me. I listened through the wood for his footsteps to follow my path down the hall, but he must have gone to the kitchen instead. Had I upset him? He didn't seem upset. It was possible that he was disappointed. I wasn't even sure why I was worried about him being upset with me. It wasn't like he was my real father. He hadn't raised me like mom had and he'd never have that sort of emotional sway over me. I almost envied the girls in my dorm who droned on about being daddy's girl and patiently waited for their unwavering kings to pick them up for Sunday brunch. When had I ever cared what Alfred felt towards me? After all, this was just a little fantasy and my fantasy was simply a dark fetish that I used to give myself a thrill in lieu of porn. It wasn't like I was in love with him. My crush was merely a hobby.

When I realized my step-father wasn't coming back up the hallway, I lifted my ear from the door and sauntered over to my bed where I stripped down to my panties and crawled beneath the sheets. A moment's thought posed a challenge: could I fantasize about anything else? I thought about the other guys in my Brit Lit course and tried picturing them naked. Grant, Michael, Warren, Darrell… Who would feel good inside me? I chose Darrell and peeled off his clothes in my mind. Gradually, I slipped my hand beneath the sheets and smoothed my fingers over my torso. I concentrated on the lines in the ceiling and the bits of popcorn paint that were chipping away to form new designs before plunging my hand beneath my panties to meet wet flesh.

For a moment, I had Darrell pictured exactly where I wanted him. I kept saying his name repeatedly in my mind, even mouthed it silently a couple of times while focusing on his thin form and his broad shoulders. I could almost feel his hands gripping my thighs. I moved my fingers over my labia, dipped down beneath the folds, and eased them gently inside where a rush of warm fluid soaked my hand. My hips rocked forward to the rhythm set by my hand as I continued imagining Darrell penetrating my body over and over.

Oh, sweet ecstasy.

I rolled with the waves unfolding and found myself vocalizing as I rubbed myself harder.



My eyes popped open and focused hard on the ceiling. Had I really just said that out loud? Before I could process the occurrence, I heard a light knock as my door creaked open.

“Hey, Vic,” Alfred slid into view. “Oh...I'm sorry. I didn't know you were sleeping.”

I shrugged.

“Look, I'm sorry to be hard on you. I just don't want you making any mistakes. I didn't get all the chances growing up that you have now.” He tapped the door with his fingers pensively. “I just want to see you succeed. Okay?”

“Okay, Alfred. Thanks.”

“Please, call me Daddy.” A smile slowly crept along his face as he closed the door.

My mind raced as I rolled my head across the pillow to focus on the ceiling once more. Had he heard me whispering those filthy words to myself? Was I moaning too loud? Had my bed been creaking with the motion of my pelvis bucking beneath the sheets? I had to stifle a maniacal giggle from erupting by biting my lower lip. Try as I might, I couldn't keep the fantasy from growing. I have permission to address him in a way that was almost exotic. It was dirty to think of him in those terms, but also incredibly hot that my darkest desire was unfolding. Who am I kidding? I don't want to stop.

So, I won't.

As I drifted off into the dream realm, I pictured Daddy by my side in the comfort and warmth of my bed. It made me exhilarated to call him Daddy. I could dream forever about him sweating between my thighs with his hands circling every orifice he could find. The thought alone soaked my panties. I moaned sleepily and pushed my fingers back down to finish my business while the excitement from him entering my room was still fresh.

/> I just wanted him to penetrate me.