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I crowd her in the bathroom until she insists she can’t pee on a stick without me hovering over her. I wait until I hear the toilet flush before I barrel back into the room.

“Now, we just wait three minutes,” she tells me.

Epilogue 2


Two years and eight months later

Today is our daughter Ashley’s second birthday. Brody and I got married two weeks after we found out I was pregnant. I tried to convince him to put the wedding off until after our daughter was born, but he wasn’t having it. He has turned into the absolute best dad. I think at first he was hoping for a boy. He about had a heart attack when we found out we were having a girl. He has gone into super protective mode.

Mike, Johnny, Ryder and Sierra are all here from my work. We also invited just a few kids from the play group too. There’s one boy that keeps pulling Ashley’s hair. Brody doesn’t hesitate; he walks over and picks her up, bringing her back over to sit on his lap. I swear he gives the little boy a dirty look.

“You do know he’s two, right?” I ask him.

“I protect what’s mine, honey,” he tells me possessively. “You know that.”

Oh, I definitely know that. He’s proven that to me over and over again.

“Daddy, down!” Ashley tells him that she wants to get down.

He looks over at the little boy and then finally lets her go, never taking his eyes off her. I laugh at how stressed out he is over one little boy. I decide to wait until tomorrow to tell him we are pregnant again.