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I miss holding your hand. Yours fit perfectly in mine, I sent the second day.

I would give anything to see your smile today, I sent the third day.

A woman hit on me today. I told her I was taken. God, I miss you, I sent the fourth day.

I wish I could kiss you goodnight and hold you in my arms. Sweet dreams, I sent the fifth day.

I love you. Did I tell you that? Nothing is going to change my mind on that, I sent the sixth day.

And today, well, today I open the restaurant and I’m excited and nervous. But more than anything, I wish I could share it with her. So I text her again.

The restaurant is opening in an hour. But I don’t care. It means nothing if I can’t share it with you. I miss you.

I do all the last-minute things that need done. I smile like I’m supposed to and shake hands with people and network like I’m supposed to. But all I want to do is go find Charlie.

I’m talking to a few of the employees in the corner when something catches my eye. I gasp. Charlie is standing at the entrance and almost instantly her gaze is on me. Her hair is in curls, lying down her back. She is dressed in a tight black dress that shows off her curves.

I walk away from my employees and stalk over to her, not stopping until I’m standing right in front of her. “You came,” I say to her softly.

She bites her lip, her eyes never leaving mine. “I wanted to see you. I wanted to be here for you.”

“I’m sorry that I pressured you, Charlie. Please don’t do this to me again. This week was one of the worst of my life,” I plead with her.

“Me, too. I’m sorry I put us both through it. But it made me realize that I do love you. I want to give us a chance, Brody. That is, if you still want me,” she says to me shyly.

Bending down, I press my lips to hers. “I love you, honey – forever won’t be long enough. Let’s go.” I grab her hand and pull her to the door she just came through.

She tugs on my hand. “Brody, we can’t leave. This is your opening.”

“They’ve got this. I want you, in my bed, where you belong,” I tell her and pull her through the door. I don’t give her the option. I take her to my SUV and put her in the front seat and then hold her hand the whole way to my home.



Brody doesn’t waste any time getting me into his car and to his house. After the week I’ve been through, I can’t complain. I missed him way more than I thought I would. I couldn’t focus on anything, because all I could think about was him. I kept going back to what Carrie said. I can’t imagine my life without him. It took me a week to come to my senses, but I finally figured it out.

He’s pulling me from the car and throws me over his shoulder. I laugh, smacking him on his ass. “Brody!” I scream indignantly.

But he doesn’t stop moving until he has me in his bedroom and tosses me onto the bed.

He was laughing only moments ago, but when I look at him now, it’s no laughing matter. He is about to ravage me. His eyes are dark with desire and his jaw is clenched tightly.

I back up on the bed to scoot away from him, but he grasps my ankle. “Oh no, honey. There’s no stopping me now. You are mine.”

He makes quick work of pulling off my clothes until I’m fully bared to him. I have one hand trying to cover my breast and the other cupping my pussy.

He pulls his shirt over his head and I can’t take my eyes off the ripped muscles of his chest. My mouth is watering and I follow his hands as he pulls his dress pants and underwear down his thick, corded thighs. His cock springs up once it’s free of the restraints, and my mouth falls open.

He is thick and long… and it’s pointing right at me. His desire for me is evident in the precum already leaking from his tip. He moans and wraps his hand around himself, giving it a good stroke from root to tip. Getting up on my hands and knees, I forget to be modest and put my ass up in the air as I stroke his length with my tongue.

He hisses and sucks in a breath as I take him in as deeply as I can until he’s hitting the back of my throat. Grabbing my hair, he holds me still as he pounds into my mouth. I moan around him, and he jerks back from me. Surprised, I look up at him and the look of determination on his face sets me on fire.