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I cross to him, naked and dripping wet. “And if he didn’t?”

Mr. Jones holds my gaze as he sinks to his knees and runs his hands up my thighs. He leans forward and presses his face to my pussy, inhaling deep. “I’m not like my selfish son, baby girl. You’ll always cum first with me.”

“I—” I whimper as he guides one of my legs up over his shoulder, opening me so he can rub the tip of his tongue against my clit. I don’t know what I was going to say, but it doesn’t matter anyway. I dig my hands into his hair and lift my hips. “Then do it. Make me cum, Daddy.”

He drags his tongue from my clit to my ass and then back again. I gasp as he thrusts his tongue into my pussy, covering me entirely with his mouth. He looks up, the challenge in his blue eyes nearly making me cum on the spot. It feels so dirty to have him fucking me with his tongue. My knees buckle a little bit as he moves back to my clit, and I can’t help spilling my own filthy words. “You get off on it, don’t you?”

He flicks my clit with his tongue. “What do I get off on?”

“The fact I just fucked him, and now I’m rubbing my pussy all over your face.” I gasp when he thrusts his tongue into me again. “The fact that your son’s cock wasn’t good enough for me, so now I have to come begging for his daddy’s instead.”

“Do it.”

I can’t catch my breath. “Do what?”


He keeps giving my pussy the long licks that get me hot but won’t tip me over the edge, holding me open so his tongue can reach every part of me. I try to hold out. Really, I do. I don’t want to give him the satisfaction of begging after I basically told him to fuck off earlier. But the signals in my brain go a little funky with him tonguing my ass, and I can’t help myself. “Please, Daddy. I need to cum so bad.”

He ignores me, keeping up his steady sweep that has me shaking with need. I tug on his head, but I might as well be tugging on stone. Words bubble-free. “Fuck me, Daddy. I need your big, fat cock to split me open. No one fucks me like you do. Fuck me like I’m your dirty little cum slut. Fill me up.”

He curses against my pussy and surges to his feet. “You want to beg, little girl. Get on your knees and do it properly.”

I don’t hesitate. I hit my knees hard enough to rattle my bones and scramble at the front of his pants to get his cock out. He gags me on the first thrust, but I don’t care. I can’t get enough. I stare up at him as he fucks my mouth almost too hard, my jaw aching and my pussy dripping.

He twists his fist in my hair, expression thunderous. “I shouldn’t reward you for that little stunt you pulled earlier. I should fuck this slutty mouth and then cum all over your tits and send you back to him like that.”

I moan. I don’t know if it’s in protest or encouragement. I don’t know what I want anymore. I don’t know who the fuck I am. Not the sweet, straight-A student who always colors within the lines and never takes any risks. She’s dead and gone, burned to ash in the face of this fiery lust.

“Get up here.” He hauls me up to his body and drags me into a messy kiss. Mr. Jones picks me up, and I don’t hesitate to wrap my legs around his waist. He’s already working his cock into me as he walks out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. “Perfect fucking pussy,” he mutters against my neck. “Makes me lose my goddamned mind.”

He leans back and presses my legs up and wide, staring at where his cock saws in and out of me. “Look how wet you are, baby girl. He worships you, and you’re creaming all over his daddy’s cock.”

The words sting. Of course they sting. I cup my breasts, playing with my nipples, driven on by the heat in Mr. Jones’s gaze. “You sure love talking about my boyfriend while you’re fucking me.”

“Yeah. I do.” He slams into me hard enough to make me cry out. “Because you get off harder knowing you shouldn’t be doing this.” Mr. Jones releases my legs and presses me down into the mattress, his voice sinfully deep in my ear. “You say we shouldn’t as you spread those thighs and flash me that pretty pussy. You tell me we can’t while you’re sinking onto my cock. You won’t stop, will you, baby girl? Every single fucking vacation and family dinner and event, you’re going to be panting after my cock.”