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“Nah, baby girl.” He cups my breasts, toying with my nipples as my thighs start to shake. “That pussy is needy. He’s not going to give her what she needs, so she’s going to go to someone who does.”

“That’s not how it works.” I start to sink slowly onto him. The sight. Oh fuck, the sight. He’s so goddamn big. Big body, big hands, big cock. I look absolutely tiny like there’s no way his cock can fit inside me. It burns a little as I wiggle, taking him deeper. “I love him.”

“No, you don’t. If you loved him, you wouldn’t be taking my cock so sweetly right now.” His gaze is pinned to where his length disappears slowly into my body.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.” I take his last inch and whimper. “God, you’re so big, Daddy.”

Mr. Jones curses and pinches my nipples, making my hips jerk. “You took me, though, didn’t you?” He leans forward until his lips brush the shell of my ear. “Look at you, baby girl. Taking that big cock while your boyfriend’s off having fun fishing with his buddies. He has no idea that you’re being an unfaithful little slut.”

I reach back to loop my arms around his neck, baring my body. “We should stop.”

Mr. Jones pauses. “Are you telling me to stop, Neveah?”

I grab one of his hands and guide it between my thighs as I start riding him. “We should stop…but it feels too good. Just a little while longer, okay?”

He exhales shakily. “Sure, baby girl. Just ride that cock a little while longer. No one has to know.”

“No one has to know,” I repeat. I cover his hand with mine as he starts stroking my clit. I almost miss a stroke as I remember, “You said I’d cum all over your face.”

His grin is sudden and devious. “I did, didn’t I?”

I barely have a chance to tense before he’s lifted me off his cock and taken us both to the floor in front of the mirror. Mr. Jones lifts me up to straddle his face. I catch myself awkwardly against the mirror frame. “Um.”

His chuckle makes my thighs clench. “Never done this before?”

“Not like this.”

“Mmm.” He turns his head and kisses my thigh. “Fuck, but I like that. Come here, baby girl.” He palms my ass and drags me the last few inches closer until I’m literally sitting on his face. It feels different this way. Filthier. I meet my own wide eyes in the mirror and look down my body to where I can clearly see his tongue moving through my pussy folds. Giving me a show.

He leans back a little. “Part your pussy for me.”

I reach down with a shaking hand and do as he commands. Mr. Jones wastes no time zeroing in on my clit, and, fuck, it’s too much. Being able to watch like this and the fact that I’m riding his face and…

I orgasm so hard I cry out. Mr. Jones gives me one last thorough lick as if wanting to catch every drop of my desire, and then he tugs me down to straddle his hips. This time, I don’t argue. I’m the one to reach between us and position his cock at my entrance. “We shouldn’t have sex without a condom. It’s not smart.”

“Not even a little bit.” His voice is so deep, so rough. “But your pussy feels so good, baby girl. Let me feel her one more time. Then we’ll stop.”

I’m already sinking down his bare length. It does feel different without a condom on. Better. Dirtier. We shouldn’t be doing this, just like we shouldn’t be doing any other part of it, and that only makes it hotter. Fuck, I’m going to cum again just from thinking about it. “This is definitely a one-time thing.” Even as I say it, I’m thinking of the days we have left in this beach house. “We can’t keep fucking when Brad’s in the house. He’ll catch us.”

Mr. Jones surges up and catches my mouth. He grips my hips and guides me to fuck him hard, slamming my body down on him with enough force to steal my breath. “Doesn’t that get you hotter, little slut? Doesn’t part of you want to get caught?”

I arch my back and tug his face down to my breasts. “Make me cum again, Daddy. Hurry before he comes back.”

Pleasure builds and builds. He bites and sucks my nipples, urging me to keep up the punishing rhythm. The wet sounds of fucking fill the room, punctuated by our gasps and moans. I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I should stop. I know I should stop.

But as I cum around Mr. Jones’s cock, I never want this to end.

He rolls us, finally slowing down and fucking me in smooth, even strokes that rub against my G-spot. I whimper. “Oh fuck, I can’t go again.”