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Trittin held up her champagne flute and gave him a minisalute. “I thought you would say that.” She swung around Rapp’s right side and hooked her arm through his. Leading him off to the nearest corner she whispered, “This is good.”

Rapp nodded and continued to scan the crowd. “Nice turnout.”

“You know what I mean. For morale. And by the way, where’s your medal?”

Rapp laughed off the comment.

“My sources tell me the story is a little backward about who shot who last week.”

“Your sources?”

“Don’t try to play me. I know you were the one who charged that line of men, and I know Mike was up on the catwalk firing down at them.”

“You know how some people get confused in the heat of battle. Don’t believe everything you hear.”

Trittin looked over to where Mike Nash was standing. He was surrounded by a good number of well-wishers. They were all smiling and beaming at the hero of the hour. “Well . . . I’m happy for both of you.”

“Both of us?” Rapp asked.

“Yes. The president was a little disappointed that you managed to sneak out of the White House this morning.”

Rapp sighed. “You know how it is, Julie . . . I don’t do so well around politicians.”

“Perfect segue,” Trittin said in a more serious tone. “The president wanted me to tell you that he thinks you’re an insubordinate little shit, and that your medal is waiting for you on his desk. He’d like you to personally stop by and pick it up, though.”

“I get one, too?” Rapp said in mock surprise.

“Yes, you do.” Trittin shook her head and smirked. “You really are something.”

“Thank you, Julie. I think you’re pretty special, too.”

Trittin laughed at him before turning serious. “Two more things for you. The FBI now has the lead on the search for Glen Adams.”

“Pretty standard, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but you can thank Senator Ogden for putting you at the top of the list.”

Rapp showed no outward sign of concern, but Trittin had just gotten his attention. “What list would that be?”

“The list of people who may have had something to do with his disappearance.”

“The way I heard it . . . he just up and left the country.”

Trittin shrugged her small shoulders and gave Rapp a who-knows-what-could-have-happened expression.

Rapp spotted the Nash kids and out of the side of his mouth said, “I also heard he’d been drinking a lot.”

“I heard the same thing, but as you know . . . the FBI will follow every lead.”

“Even if it comes from a vengeful partisan hack like Ogden?”

“Especially if it comes from a vengeful partisan hack like Ogden.”


“She might be vulnerable at the moment,” Trittin said without looking at him.

“How so?”

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