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“Oh yes baby, you’ve done well,” Casper rasps, groaning as my throat muscles contract. But then he caresses the huge dildo again and gets it lubed up before circling the toy around my clit.

“Does that feel good, baby?” he rasps. “You like that?”

Of course, I can’t answer seeing that my mouth is stuffed full, but I buck my hips, flashing my pussy hole as a signal that I want it. Sure enough, he slides the black toy in a few inches, getting it soaked.

“Fuck,” he hisses. “Your pussy takes cock real good.”

But then he pulls the toy out and drags the head down to tease my pink ass. What the hell? No, I’m not ready! In surprise, my back arches as my eyes bulge again.

“Mphph!” I squeal. “Mphph!”

But Casper and Clay are relentless. Clay pulls the toy out and gently spits on it before grinning and pointing the tapered tip at my asshole.

“You can do it,” says in a soothing voice while beginning the pressure at my bottom. “Legs apart honey. Push out like you’re going to the bathroom and it’ll go in easier.”

OMG, I can’t believe this is happening. I’m currently sucking on the shafts of two men with my creamy curves on display. Not only that, but my bottom is exposed and in the process of being penetrated by a big black toy. But this is the kind of filth I was meant for, and with a low moan, I raise my knees so that the dildo can get in easier.

Clay rumbles with approval.

“That’s it,” he rasps, his blue eyes fixed on place where the toy enters my body. “You’re doing great, baby,” he praises hoarsely. “I love seeing that ass being ravaged.”

That does it. The dirty words make me horny and my sphincter pops audibly. Then, the huge dildo slides all the way in, impaling my round cheeks. The penetration is so thorough that I pause for a moment, unable to breathe. OMG, OMG. Is this really happening? Is my bottom crammed full of a massive rubber toy? But it is, and soon the men begin to slide the rubber in and out of my behind as I suck hungrily on their dicks, obscene slapping sounds filling the air.

“Mph!” I groan on a particularly forceful upswing. “Mph! Mph!”

“Yeah, baby you’re taking it good,” Casper rasps, his eyes glued to where the toy enters my bottom. “That’s it. Keep going.”

“She looks amazing getting fucked in the butt,” adds Clay, also watching the dirty show. “Who knew she could stretch like this?”

I close my eyes and lift my knees even higher as my dark star is violated, and when one of the twins tweaks my clit, that does it. I soar over the cliff, screaming like a banshee as the world dissolves around me in a shower of sparks.

“Mmmm!” I scream as my bottom’s repeatedly violated. “Mmmmph!”

The two men give it up as well and I feel their cocks jerk as they begin pulsing heavily in my body.

“Fuck!” Casper hisses, ejaculating down my throat while twisting my clit with his fingers. “Oh shit!”

Clay is no better. He shoves the dildo deep one last time and then throws his head back, his features strained with ecstasy while blowing his load down my throat.

“FUCK!” he roars. “Unnnh!”

We cry and moan, our voices twining around each other like an ecstatic prayer to the Heavens. I’ve never come so hard before, and hot pulses wrack my curves, making me cry out with joy.

But finally, the shudders and exclamations slow and Clay and Casper pull out from my throat, their massive lengths gleaming. I cough a bit, and Clay quickly steps out to pour me a glass of water.

“Here sweetheart,” he says in a low voice. “Are you okay?”

Meanwhile, Casper returns with a warm, damp rag and gently removes the dildo from my ass before tenderly stroking my ravaged pleats.

“You were incredible, Mara,” he murmurs before lowering his head to kiss me tenderly. “Absolutely wonderful.”

It’s then that I let out a small giggle because this is a dream come true. I’ve been naughty with two men, and in fact, the taste of their semen is still in my mouth. But I loved every moment of filth that I shared with the Clay and Casper, and now, I just want more.



* * *

I dump nearly an entire box of Epsom salt into the bath before slipping off my robe and settling into the warm water. A sigh escapes my lips as I lean back against the porcelain tub back. This is exactly what I need because after the way Casper and Clay used me last night, I’m sore all over. We went at it until the early hours of the morn, and now both my pussy and asshole are begging for some much-needed rest and relaxation. Thus, the warm bath.

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