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“Oh my God!” is my exclamation. “Is that …? Really?”

Suddenly, both men are on bended knee, looking up at me with worshipful eyes.

“We love you, Mara Hoffman,” Clay begins in a low tone. “You have made our lives complete, and without you, we were lost.”

“Will you marry us, sweetheart?” Casper finishes. “You’re having our baby, and we used to think that was the greatest gift of all. But in truth, you are the greatest gift, sweetheart. You and no one else.”

With that, I dissolve into tears as I shower kisses on my handsome alpha males.

“Yes,” I breathe. “Yes, yes, yes. I would love to become Mrs. Clay and Casper Richmond.”

With that, my men rise and stand on either side of me before pressing tender kisses to my lips and cheeks.

“We adore you, Mara,” Clay whispers.

“Are you ready to begin a new life with us?” Clay adds. “It’ll be filled with love and adventure,” he promises.

I nod with tears in my eyes, and as my men place possessive hands on my bulging belly, we make our way to the party. After all, with Casper and Clay by my side, only happiness awaits, both in and out of Club Z.

* * *


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