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“Hey, girls! How’s everyone doing?” With a group this big it’s easier to address it all at once. All of us have gotten ridiculously close, probably much to our husbands’ dismay, or maybe not. I swear it gives them something to laugh at.

“Really good. I’m starting to slow down even more from work. Slade is in heaven over it.” Taylor rolls her eyes, but I see through it.

“We’re trying for another baby. I don’t know what I’m thinking,” Cam says. She’s the shyest in our group. We somehow managed to get her to open up when she’s around us though.

“That you and Easton make beautiful babies,” Kellie quips.

“True statement. I think Leo and I are on a permanent hold,” I reply.

“That’s because my beautiful niece refuses to get off the boob. Not that I blame her. I mean, look at your chest.” Giana cracks up. I arch my eyebrow at her, causing us all to laugh.

The instructor claps her hands together, letting us know talking time is over, for now at least. She walks us through some poses until we get a grasp on those, then moves us to the more advanced ones. We’ve done this a few times throughout the years, yet I still lose my balance, laughing while doing so. Not even caring, I sit on my mat, sitting this one out until the other girls admit defeat.

“Can we just sit here and hang out with the goats now?” Giana asks. She’s still trying to get Drake to let her have chickens, something he’s put his foot down on. I think he’ll eventually give in.

“Yeah, I’ll bring them in now. Don’t tell Travis, but we have some babies coming in soon.” Raelynn let’s Larry, Moe, and Curly in. I find the food beside my mat, knowing if they don’t have something to snack on, they’ll eat the clothes off our backs.

“Please, he probably has the next batch of farm animals to adopt on hand.” Kellie rolls her eyes. Travis, being the town Sheriff, sees his fair share of animal abuse and is constantly rescuing the next animal that needs a home.

“He’s dreamy, isn’t he?” Raelynn questions no one in particular. I look up towards the front porch of her and Travis’s house. The guys are all up there, a beer in hand, our kids toddling around them or on their laps. I see the smirks and laughter playing on their faces. They should be used to our antics by now, but we keep them on their toes.

“Moe, bad boy. Bad, bad, bad,” Taylor admonishes, getting up in a flash. Moe has chewed on her shirt. He’s chasing after her as she runs to the gate.

“Raelynn, control your animal.” I fall on my back laughing my ass off until Curly takes that moment to plant his face above mine. He’s chewing and drool is starting to rain down on my face.

“At least you didn’t scare them into fainting this time.” Raelynn chuckles.

“I’m outta here!” I follow after Taylor. This has the guys doubled over in laughter as our goat yoga comes to an end.

Taylor and I make it to the porch, her going to Slade, me finding a seat on Leo’s lap. Our daughter is snug against his chest in a milk coma. I breastfeed when Leo is at work, but I also pump so he can feed our girl, and she loves that time with her dad.

“So, how was goat yoga?” he questions.

“I’m pretty sure you got the show of the century. Raelynn’s goats are crazy.” I make the cuckoo signal, causing him to chuckle before he pulls me in for a kiss.

“Hey, what are you doing for your anniversary? I know you guys didn’t go away this year with the little one still nursing, but are you planning on going when she does?” Giana asks after making her way over to the rest of us.

“Hopefully Fiji this summer. Mom offered to watch Hallie even if she isn’t weaned. Tinsley has been stockpiling, just in case. Why?” Leo asks.

“Just wondering. I think the group is talking about renting a house on the Jersey Shore, if you guys want to come with?”

“We’d like that. Are we taking the kids or leaving them with the grandparents?” I ask her.

“We haven’t figured that out. We kind of thought about bringing all the grands so they could vacation and maybe watch them a night or two.” Giana has a glimmer in her eye.

“Count us in,” Leo responds for us.

We settle in for the afternoon, all of us sitting around talking about the vacation and what we’ll do. This life we’ve created is amazing, that’s for sure, and we’re all lucky to have one another.

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