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“Okay. Well, I’ve never been to the Latex Baroness, but I’m sure this is going to be an adventure on its own. But you’re gorgeous, Mich. I mean seriously. We could put a black garbage bag on you and you’d still be sexy.”

I giggle.

“Thanks, but I’m voting we go for a real dress for this date, and not a garbage bag. Come on, girlfriend, let’s have ourselves a ball shopping up a storm.”

With that, we leave the apartment before making our way to my neighborhood leather and bondage store. A little much? Definitely. But I’m Michelle Commons and I’m known for pushing boundaries, so Ben better strap on his seatbelt because the billionaire’s about to get the ride of his life.



I sit in the restaurant at Club Z, waiting for Michelle. It’s only been a week since I last saw her, but I’ve been distracted by the sexy woman. I keep replaying images in my mind of how she used that flute of hers to get off, and how this time, I want to be the one pushing the flute into her sweetness. Can she accommodate the metal implement in her backside too? Well, there’s only one way to find out, and I growl, adjusting myself in my slacks. Fuck, she’s not even here yet, and I’m already hard.

But there’s more than just hot times when it comes to the naughty woman because I need a pet for the party on Long Island in a couple weeks, and I want to see if she’s up for it. Yes, I finally got an invite, and NYPD is psyched because this will be the first time we have a chance at catching the Sim brothers red-handed.

But yeah, that means I should bring a pretty pet to the party as part of my cover, and I hope Michelle’s open to the job. Everything points to yes, but you never know. Some women will only be nasty when they’re on Club Z premises, and I don’t blame them. After all, everyone has a life outside of the club, and I understand wanting to keep the two separate.

Still, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my time with Michelle because I want to get to know her better. A master should always know his pet intimately, so dinner seemed like the best bet. I look around the restaurant with satisfaction because it’s luxe and yet also elegant, like all Club Z settings. The lights are dim, providing an intimate ambience, and each table is set off with palm fronds, lending an air of privacy. However, I can already hear some moans because this is that kind of restaurant. It’s not just eating that goes on. Instead, members indulge their carnal habits in addition to the food, and as I wait, a breathy scream pierces the air as a woman on the other side of the room comes hard.

Suddenly, a dulcet voice interrupts my thoughts.

“Hi Ben,” Michelle says from by my elbow. “How are you? Thanks for inviting me.”

I turn and as soon as I see the raven-haired goddess, my heart does double backflips in my chest and all my blood rushes straight to my lower regions. She shoots a sexy little crooked smile my way, as if she can read my mind.

“May I sit?”

I nod, finally finding my words.

“Of course, honey. And may I add that you look ravishing tonight?”

She smiles warmly while taking a seat.

“Thank you. I bought this for you.”

I nod with approval, my eyes eating up those curves because even the word “ravishing” doesn’t do Michelle justice. She’s wearing a slinky little dress made from some sheer blue material that makes her hair look as dark as midnight. But what it really showcases is her body. The mesh material is basically transparent and I can clearly see the dusky pink of her nipples, as well as the shadowy vee between her thighs. In other words, my woman’s totally nude except for a layer of see-through fabric hugging her curves, and I’m loving it.

Very slowly, I drag my eyes back up the length of her, enjoying every curve and dip of her body along the way. She shoots a knowing smile as I reach her pretty features.

“Fuck baby,” I rasp. “I don’t know if I’m going to be able to function during this dinner. Do you want to go straight to my suite?”

She giggles and inclines her head.

“If you like, Mr. Culver.”

But then I get a hold of myself. If I want to bring Michelle as a pet to the Russian mafia’s party, then I better get the skinny on this girl. Talking it is. No sex. At least, not at this second. At that moment, a waiter stops by and bows.

“Good evening, Mr. Culver and Miss Commons. Welcome to the restaurant. Would you like to hear the chef’s special this evening?” he asks. I nod and the waiter continues with a pleased smile. “Tonight, the chef has prepared a braised beef entree with truffle barley risotto and roasted carrots. It’s a wonderful combination, and certainly a palate pleaser.”

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