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“Really?” Oliver asked with a sob. He swiped at his eyes as tears overflowed his lids. “That means we’ll all have the same last name.”

Finn took him in his arms and reassured him. “Forever and always, Oliver. Just say the word and we’ll get the paperwork started.”

“How about today?” Oliver asked, causing a chorus of laughter to erupt in the church.

Finn reached out and tousled his hair, a huge grin etched on his face. “It’s Christmas, Oliver. I’m pretty sure the office is closed today, but tomorrow, bright and early, I’ll get the ball rolling.”

Oliver smiled and clutched the scroll to his chest, then made his way to the front pew where he sat down next to Ruby

, Liam and Aidan.

Pastor Jack faced the congregation and said, “Welcome to this celebration of a mighty love. Finn and Maggie met as children right here in Love.” Pastor Jack let out a chuckle. “As they say, God works in mysterious ways. Delight thyself also in the Lord; And He shall give thee the desires of thine heart. God has been good to this couple. He has given them the most fervent desires of their hearts.” He nodded toward Finn. “I think Finn has a few words for his bride.”

Finn reached out and joined hands with Maggie. “Before you came back I was doing okay. I was getting by. It didn’t take me long to figure out you held the key to my future happiness. You brought out something in me I’d buried a long time ago. I was holding on to a heavy burden that weighed me down. Because of you, I was able to face the past and put it in perspective. I was able to break through my pain and embrace true, enduring love. Maggie, being loved by you humbles me. I will love you and Oliver until the end of my days.”

Maggie reached out and wiped away the tears streaming down Finn’s face.

She looked deeply into his eyes as she spoke. “I came to Love to start fresh and to build a solid foundation for Oliver. I never imagined I would find a love of a lifetime. Finn—you and Oliver are my world. I promise never to forsake you. I’ll be by your side, no matter what challenges we might face.”

As the ceremony continued, Pastor Jack pronounced Finn and Maggie as husband and wife. Finn dipped his head down and placed a tender kiss on his beloved’s lips. Joy filled the small church as the guests began to clap thunderously.

Finn and Maggie, with Oliver right by their side, walked down the aisle and out of the church into the brilliant December afternoon. Oliver reached into his pocket and began to throw red rose petals at his parents. Laughter filled the air.

Life was just beginning. And the world was their oyster.

* * * * *