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‘I’d love one. Thank you! Thank you so much!’ Jessie grinned. She was going to work at the restaurant!

‘That’s amazing! Do you want to drop by sometime next week and we can discuss things a bit more?’

‘That would be great, thank you.’

‘Brilliant.’ Daisy frowned and looked across the beach towards the steps leading up to Baywater Delights.

‘What is it?’ Turning around, Jessie looked in the same direction.

‘I’m not sure.’ She shook her head. ‘It might just be someone checking to see if the restaurant is open. I’ll go and have a look.’

‘Don’t worry, you stay. We’ll go.’ Simon wrapped his arm around Jessie before leaning into her. ‘I heard Daisy offered you a job?’

‘Yes! How amazing is that?’ She wrapped her arm around his waist, too.

‘So, does that mean you don’t have to move home?’

‘It does.’ She grinned. Was this really happening? As they reached the bottom of the stairs leading up to the restaurant car park, they paused. A woman was sitting on the top step, peering at her mobile. ‘Hi, is everything okay? I’m afraid the restaurant is closed tonight.’

‘Oh, hi. Sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude.’ The woman glanced across in the direction of the BBQ. ‘I was just biding some time.’

‘It’s okay, you’re not intruding.’ Simon held out his hand. ‘I’ve not seen you about here before. I’m Simon Groves and this is Jessie Bentley.’ He nodded towards Jessie.

‘Hi, Nina Wheat. I’ve only just arrived. I’ve come down to work at the bakery over there...’ She nodded behind her. ‘But no one’s in, so I thought I’d have a wander around. I’m a day early, so they’re not expecting me yet.’

‘Oh, you’re the new volunteer?’ Jessie grinned. ‘I’ve literally just finished volunteering there. Elsie, who owns the bakery, is down here.’ Jessie nodded towards Elsie, who was now hugging Daisy and Ollie. ‘Come on down and we can introduce you.’


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