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I look at the Russian soldiers and feel stupid for even trying to get to the wall. Frustrated, I turn around and stalk back to Viktor’s house and straight to my bedroom. I slam the door shut, wishing I had a key to lock it.

Not even a second later, it opens, and Viktor mutters, “So much for having lunch with my family.”

“You can all go to hell. I have no interest in getting to know your family,” I snap as I step out of my sneakers.

Just because I have to stay here for three years doesn’t mean I have to interact with any of them.

“I’m trying to make you feel at home.”

I roll my eyes as I climb onto the bed and yank the covers over my head. “Leave me alone.”

I hear the door shut and when I peek from beneath the covers, I’m relieved to see Viktor’s gone.

So much for asking Isabella to help me.

Honestly, she looked scary as hell. Beautiful but scary nonetheless.

The hope I had before I met Viktor’s family is gone, and the desolate feeling is back. It doesn’t take long before my grief and trauma break me down, and I cry myself asleep.

Chapter 8


I hear footsteps, and when my eyes flick from the monitors to the doorway, it’s to see Dad and Uncle Alexei coming into my study. They take a seat, then proceed to stare at me.

Letting out a sigh, I relax back in my chair. “I’m done discussing the subject.”

“We just want to know if you’re sure about this,” Dad says. “Three years is a long time to take care of a stranger.”

“I know.” I glance from Dad to Uncle Alexei. “But the alternative is not an option.”

“Send her to the Cosa Nostra,” Uncle Alexei says.

“You know the Mannos didn’t part on good terms with the five ruling families of New York.” I inhale deeply, then explain, “I just want to give her a safe space to heal. Once she’s twenty-one, she’ll be more mature and able to face the world.”

“She’s beautiful,” Uncle Alexei mutters, and as direct as always, he asks, “Are you interested in her?”

Yes, there have been moments I’ve felt attracted to her, but I have no intention of pursuing the girl. She’s too broken.

“Her looks have nothing to do with my decision to help her.”

Uncle Alexei raises an eyebrow at me. “If you say so.”

Shaking my head, I let out a chuckle. “Drop the subject. I’ll do what’s best for Rosalie until she’s ready to leave.” I lock eyes with my uncle. “Then I’ll cut all ties with her.”

The corner of his mouth lifts in a smirk. “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Tapping my fingers on the desk, I ask, “Is Aunt Bella going to be a problem?”

My uncle shakes his head. “I’ve talked to her. She knows you have the girl’s best interest at heart.” He gives me a look of warning. “Just make sure the girl doesn’t cause unnecessary drama. I don't want our lives disturbed.”

I nod. “Will do.”

They glance at the monitors on the wall, then Uncle Alexei lets out a huff. “Christ, I'm getting old. I don’t know what half that shit means.”

Grinning at him, I chuckle, “I’m checking underground chatter and information on a high-value target I’m keeping track of.”

When it comes to anything technology and hacking related, I’m fucking good. I’ve designed a couple of apps allowing me access to anything I might need to keep an eye on the criminal world.

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