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He shakes his head. “I did my research. It was easy to hack your Amazon account.”

Of course.

I roll my eyes then help myself to all the Nightworld books.

Every time I pass a book to Viktor, he hands it off to one of the guards, so I lose track of how many I’m getting.

I grab every book I find by Jennifer L. Armentrout, then search for the Divergent series.

When I walk past the Fifty Shades of Grey collection, Viktor chuckles, “Not into BDSM?”

“Nope.” I let the ‘P’ pop.

I get lost in all the books until I completely forget about the loss I’ve suffered and that I’m actually out shopping with my captor.

“Dammit,” I mutter, glancing over the shelves again.

“Which book are you looking for?” Viktor asks.

“The third book in this series.” I hold book one open so Viktor can see the list of titles. “Deadly Dreams.”

He glances over the shelves, then walks to the counter and speaks to the cashier.

My eyes dart to the five guards, and I find them all watching me.

Damn, there goes an opportunity to run.

While Viktor is at the counter, I glance over the shelves one last time and help myself to five books I haven’t read yet.

When I turn around, Viktor is standing with Deadly Dreams in his hand. “They had one in the back.”

Before I can stop myself, a smile stretches over my face.

Viktor’s lips part, awe on his face as if he’s looking at one of the wonders of the world. “Jesus, you should spend every second of every day smiling.”

Unwelcome warmth floods my heart. I dart past Viktor and rush to the counter, trying to ignore how his compliment affects me.

When Viktor joins me at the counter, the cashier shows the final amount for the books I bought. “That will be two thousand, three hundred and ninety, sir.”

My eyebrows shoot up, and my lips part in a gasp.

Dear God, Rosalie.

Viktor doesn’t look upset by the amount at all and pays it happily with a black credit card.

I’m not going to feel guilty. It’s the least he can do.

The five guards carry the bags out of the store, and Viktor walks next to me. When we reach the door, we have to step aside for a woman with a baby.

I manage to exit the store before Viktor, and my heart lurches. Before I can even think the plan through, my legs are moving, and I run away.

Reaching the end of the block, I glance over my shoulder but don’t see Viktor running after me. I turn left, but before I can reach the next road, the Lamborgini comes to a screeching stop by the pedestrian crossing.

My breaths explode over my lips as I change direction, only to have the SUV pull up in front of me. When I swing around again, I slam into Viktor, and his arms wrap around me. His mouth finds my ear, then the warning rumbles from him like thunder, “Make a scene, and I’ll kill whoever tries to help you.”

When he pulls back to look at my face, my eyes lock with his, and I see the promise of death in his dark brown irises.

My shoulders slump, and so damn frustrated and hopeless, I walk to the Lamborgini with legs feeling like they’re made of lead.

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