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“I promise I won’t be mad at Luna,” I say so she won’t worry.

A smile threatens to tug at her lips, but she hurries out of the room before it can fully form.

I don’t bother putting on a t-shirt because I want to see Rosalie’s reaction to make sure I’m not imagining that she’s attracted to me.

I head downstairs and turn on the lights. When I open the sliding doors, I hear Rosalie behind me.

“Will it be okay for Luna to run around outside?” she asks, her voice a little strained.

“Of course.”

Crossing my arms over my chest, I lean my shoulder against the pillar and watch as Rosalie sets Luna down.

“I’ll keep an eye on her while you make coffee,” I say.

Rosalie nods and hurries to the kitchen.

I watch Luna sniffing everything in sight as she explores the patio before daring to go a little further down the steps. When I glance over my shoulder, I catch Rosalie staring at my back with a frown.

“What?” I ask as I turn to face her.

She quickly shakes her head and stirs the two cups of coffee.

“Out with it,” I order.

She carries the coffees to the patio and sets the cups on the table. Her tongue darts out to wet her lips as her gaze searches for Luna.

“Little Rose,” I urge her to start talking.

“Ah…” Her eyes finally come back to me. “Why do you have so many tiny lines tattoed on your left side?”

I move closer and pick up a cup. “Every line represents a life I’ve taken.”

Shock tightens her features, and her eyebrows draw together as if she’s sad for the fuckers I’ve killed.

I tilt my head, my gaze locking with hers. “Every single one deserved to die.”

She glances away, then shakes her head. “My grandfather and uncle didn't.”

I take a sip of the coffee and have to admit it’s really good.

“I don’t kill innocent people.”

Her eyes snap back to mine. “Yet you threatened to kill anyone who tried to help me?”

The corner of my mouth lifts. “If they interfere in my business, they’re no longer innocent.”

Her lips part, and she stares at me as if I’ve turned into a monster right in front of her eyes.

I’ve gone out of my way to be gentle with her, and it might’ve been a mistake. Rosalie seems to have forgotten who I am.

“Don’t look so shocked, Little Rose. I’m the head of the bratva, after all.”

“Yeah, I shouldn’t have looked for any redeeming qualities in you,” she whispers, sounding sad.

Abandoning her cup of coffee, she hurries down the steps, grabs Luna, and hightails it back into the house.

And just like that, all the progress I’ve made with Rosalie is gone, and I’m back to being the villain in her story.

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