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I lose his mouth as he peppers my jaw and neck with hot kisses. “Just give me these last two days. Please.”

I’m too weak to stand my ground, and instead of pushing Viktor away, I shove the memory of my family into the darkest corner of my heart. “Okay.”

His hands frame my face, and his eyes bore into mine. “You’ll be mine to do with what I want?”


Anticipation and desire spin wildly in my stomach. “Yes.”

“Promise,” he demands.

“I promise.”

“I kept my word, Little Rose. I didn’t force myself on you for three years. You better not break your promise,” he orders.

He looks at me with so much relief I can taste it on my lips right before his mouth claims mine in a searing kiss.

Viktor’s hands grip my hips, then they feverishly explore my body as if he can’t touch me enough. His lips knead mine until they tingle, his teeth tugging and nipping with such experience, it makes me lightheaded.

My fingers tangle in the short strands of hair at his nape, my skin starting to buzz with the need for more while my heart pounds in my chest.

I’m so enamored with him that every touch and kiss from him pulls me into a world where my darkest fantasies beg to be released.

Drunk on passion, I want this ruthless man who lives by a code of violence to own me in every way.

“Viktor.” I have no idea what I’m begging for against his lips, I only know I need him to do more. To touch me harder. To kiss me until I can’t breathe. To make me feel things I’ve never felt before. “More,” whimper.

“Jesus Christ,” he grumbles, then I’m shoved onto the mattress. He grabs hold of my thighs and yanks me down until my butt is at the foot of the bed.

When he unbuttons my shorts and drags the zipper down, his knuckles brush against me. My abdomen tightens, and heat floods the valley between my legs.

Self-consciousness threatens to pop the bubble of lust I’m caught in as he drags my shorts and panties down my legs.

I’ve never been naked in front of a man, and as I try to close my legs, he shoves them open and lowers his head as he kneels on the floor.

My eyebrows fly up, and my mouth drops open when the velvety feel of his tongue laps at my most private part.

Oh. My. God.

The pleasure is instant and so intense, my hips buck off the bed. Viktor grabs hold of my sides and forces me down on the mattress as he starts to lick and bite at the sensitive bundle of nerves.

“Oh, God.” The words rush from me, and my hands find his hair, my fingers gripping fistfuls. “Viktor,” I cry when the sensations threaten to overwhelm me.

I feel his hand move, then the pad of his finger rubs around my opening, making the sensations spike and stealing my ability to breathe. I can only manage moans and whimpers, my back arching and every muscle in my body tightening.

Viktor pushes his finger inside me and sucks so hard on my clit, my entire world splinters into paralyzing ecstasy. Cries are torn from me, and my abdomen clenches hard, my body convulsing.

He crawls up my body while pleasure keeps hitting me in waves. His finger moves in and out of me, making the orgasm last longer, and he stares at me with so much awe and emotion I can almost believe he loves me.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” his voice rumbles like a thundercloud. “You taste exquisite,moyaMalen'kaya Roza.”

My hands frame his face, and I pull him to me so I can kiss him. I need him to keep my mind clouded, or I’ll start to think, which would be a disaster.

Viktor allows me to kiss him, and tender love spills from me.

I’ll never be able to admit how I feel about him, but I’ll at least get this one chance to show him.

“Rosalie,” he breathes against my lips. He wraps an arm around me and shifts me up the bed before lying down on top of me. His weight presses me into the mattress, making me feel safe and adored.

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