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“Can I ask something else?”

“You can ask anything.” I take chicken and vegetables out so I can make stir-fry.

“How did it feel the first time you killed someone?”

Jesus, that’s long ago.

I actually have to think for a moment while I rinse the vegetables. “I was thirteen when my dad and Uncle Alexei took me with them to an arms deal. Things went sideways, and I had to kill one of the fuckers. It was either him or me.” Opening the pack of chicken breasts, I cut them into strips. “Watching the life drain from a human being had me puking my guts out. I couldn’t eat for a week.”

Compassion laces her words as she asks, “Then why do you do it?”

I lock eyes with her. “To protect what’s mine,moyamalen'kaya roza. In our world, it’s kill or be killed.”

She’s trying to understand me, but I can see she’s struggling.

Setting the knife down, I walk to her and take hold of her chin. “You love Luna, right?”


“What would you do to protect her?”

Her eyebrows draw together, the conflicted emotions returning to her face.

I lean down and press a kiss to her lips and say, “You promised me two days. Don’t think about the mafia and bratva. Don’t think about anything but me.”

When she nods, I kiss her again until she’s breathless. Pulling back, I brush the pad of my thumb over her swollen bottom lip. “I want you to do something for me.”

Confusion flutters over her face. “What?”

“Let Luna go outside. I need you all to myself for what I have planned.”

Rosalie opens the side door, so Luna can go play, then shuts it. She looks nervous as she walks back to me.

When she’s in reaching distance, I pull her behind the island. “Get down on your knees.”


“You’re going to suck my cock,moyaMalen'kaya Roza.”

Instantly her face flushes, and she looks self-conscious, then she admits, “I don’t know how.”

The corner of my mouth lifts. “I’ll teach you.”

Rosalie places her hand on the island and carefully lowers herself onto her knees. When she looks up at me, an inferno of possessiveness burns through my veins, and I harden in a split second.

My fingers brush along her jaw, and reaching her chin, I tug at her bottom lip with my thumb. “You’re so fucking beautiful.” I nod to my clothes. “Take them off.”

Rosalie grips hold of the waistband and pulls the fabric down my legs, then she stares at my cock.

“Wrap your fingers around the base,” I instruct her.

The instant her fingers brush my sensitive skin, my cock jerks with need.

I watch as wonder fill her eyes. “Your skin is like velvet.” She moves her fist up and down, exploring more. “I didn’t expect it to feel this way.”

“Every inch is yours,moyaMalen'kaya Roza. Part your lips and suck me into your hot, little mouth.”

The blood practically buzzes in my veins as I watch her mouth open. When she takes the head of my cock into her warmth, and I feel her tongue brush against me, I grab hold of the back of her head and almost sway on my feet from how good it feels.

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