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Cameron’s features relaxed and a hint of a smile pulled at the corners of his mouth. He cocked his head to one side and contemplated me. “I kissed you, Savannah. And I must say that I enjoyed it. I was actually hoping we could do it again.”

My jaw fell open. Before I could say or do anything Cameron took a step forward and wrapped his strong muscular arms around me.

I should have stopped him but instead I looked up into his eyes. Big mistake. I felt as if I was falling in the icy blueness of his eyes.

“We should get rid of the coat. It’s hot in here.”

He gave me a few seconds to respond, but when I didn't, he removed his hands from my waist and began to unbutton my jacket. I needed to say something. But I couldn’t bring my mouth to move. On the last button, he looked at me as if giving me one last chance to say no.

Again, I did not respond because my body was dying to feel his hands on me. I was helpless to say anything. I wanted this so badly. I hadn't been touched or held by a man in almost two years.

Unfortunately my ex-husband had been a terrible lover so I didn’t think I was missing out too much. At least, until I laid eyes on Cameron.

Cameron peeled off my jacket and helped me out of it. Then he draped it over a chair and ran his callused hands over my bare arms while his eyes hungrily raked over my body.

I’d worn a halter dress that I had no business wearing with my cup size. But I loved halter dresses. I found them cute and to be honest I think there was a part of me that had been hoping Cameron would get to see it. That he would find me irresistible. Foolish, I know.

“You look beautiful,” he said, his voice thick with desire.

I felt beautiful.

Cameron pulled me close, crushing my breasts against his chest. My nipples came alive, aching and longing for his touch. He brought his mouth to me and brushed his lips against my mouth.

I inhaled his manly scent and with a moan I closed my eyes and draped my arms around his neck.

I parted my lips inviting him into my mouth. He groaned and depend the kiss then without warning he dropped his hands to my hips and lifted me, placing me gently on the kitchen counter.

“God, you're so sweet,” he muttered in between desperate kisses to my lips that left me wanting more.

Cameron ran his hands over my thighs, pushing my dress farther up and all the while our lips were locked on each other. My chest rose and fell with every breath I took.

His hands moved all the way up past my belly to my breasts. He cupped them and rubbed my nipples with his thumbs over the material of my dress. A moan escaped my mouth and at that point I didn't care about anything except getting rid of the deep ache between my legs.

“I need to taste you, Savannah,” Cameron snarled suddenly, as if he no longer bear the wait.

His words went straight to my pussy. I was so aroused my whole body felt as if it had been lit on fire. Cameron stared at me, waiting for an answer.

The rational side of me tried to kick in. I should stop him, but I pushed that voice away. No, not this time. I wanted this man so badly. Just this once, I told myself. It had been so long. I deserved one moment of passion. Of forgetting all my responsibilities and having a bit of fun.

“Yes, yes, I want you to taste me,” I whispered feverishly.

Cameron groaned and shoved the rest of my dress up. “Spread your thighs and show me your pussy,” he ordered.

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