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She gasps sarcastically. Who does she think she is?

“You better watch your back.” She then turns to make her way to her seat and the entire class is staring right at me. How the hell does he know this girl? This is going to be a long day.

After class I rush out to the courtyard in a hurry. I want to get the hell out of here. Everyone is staring at me like they know I had dirty filthy sex with the president of the Viper MC, and I’m mortified.

When I make my way to a tree far enough away from the campus grounds I slide down, closing my eyes. What the hell did I do? First night I’m here I make a stupid decision which ultimately labeled me for the next four years. “Fuck!” I shout, then I hear my phone buzz in my pocket. When I go to check it I have a text message from an unknown number.

Unknown-I'm taking you to lunch.

Me-Who is this?

Unknown-It's Jared. Who else would it be?

Me-How did you get my number?

I smile as I’m texting him, thinking about how much I really want to see him. I program his name into my phone as Casanova. Although he doesn’t have five wives and multiplemistresses like the real Casanova; I hope not, anyway. He is the ultimate bad boy, that’s a given.

Casanova-I want to feed you. Meet me out in front of your dorm.


Well, how am I going to say no to a free meal? I’m actually starving. Excitement starts to bubble in my stomach as I make my way to him. I make a mental note to ask him about that girl, Stephanie.

I walk over to my dorm and there he is, looking like a badass on his motorcycle. Oh my god, I actually get to ride with him? This just makes him all the more sexy in my book.

He smiles at me; he is wearing his leather jacket and sunglasses, and I just about melt on the spot.

“Get on, beautiful.” He hands me a helmet and I hold up my finger saying I’ll be right back.

“I have to go put my stuff in my dorm first.” He gives me a sexy grin.

“Don’t keep me waiting too long,” he orders, and my stomach flutters excitedly. I run up to my dorm with a smile on my face and change my clothes fast. I brush my teeth and my hair. I have a tight fitted white crop top and fitted blue jeans on. I have a jean jacket; it's not leather, but it will do. I add some lip gloss and put on my signature Converse sneakers and I’m ready.

When I make my way outside he’s leaning against his bike, staring at me.

“Come here,” he demands, and I walk towards him slowly. He pulls me in between his legs and grabs my neck softly then his lips meet mine. It’s soft and sweet at first. Then his hands squeeze my hips firmly as he hums in my mouth. Our tonguesmassage each other’s as the kiss becomes more aggressive, more demanding.

When he pulls back, I whimper from the loss of his lips.

Jared’s eyes shine with lust and with need.

“Wow,” I whisper.

“I want you on the back of my bike, babe.” He smirks and places a small helmet on my head. The thought of riding on this bike with him makes me nervous, but excited at the same time.

“Okay.” I give him a small smile. I feel like I may be walking into the lion’s den with this man, but I don’t care. He can take me anywhere he likes as long as he keeps talking to me like this.

“Where are we going?” I shout through the rumble of the bike as he revs the engine.

“My bar; the Vipers MC, babe!” he shouts as we make our way out of the campus lot. He tells me to hold on tight and I can feel his toned stomach through his shirt. I feel him laugh when I hold him tighter. He is going really fast, but I love it and trust him. I don’t know why, but I do. Something about this man makes me feel and do things I never thought I would.

When we pull up to the location it screams biker bar with its bright signs and motorcycles lined up along the property.

“Um…are you sure you have the right place?” I murmur, afraid to get any closer. He gives me a heart-stopping grin.

“This is my place, and I promise that when you’re with me no one will bother you.” His reassurance makes me feel safe. I believe his words. He exudes dominance and authority. Much like Luca did, only Jared wears leather and Luca wore suits.

Also, Jared doesn’t frightened me in the way that Luca did. Luca never made me feel safe or cherished. When I’m with a man, I want to feel special. My mother always told me never to settle. This is something my father and she disagreed about. My dad was trying to merge the families together and was willingto basically sell me off to Luca. All my father ever wanted was a name for himself. He became a selfish prick in the end.

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