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“Honey, I’m so sorry!” she cries, and it feels like my life will never be the same again.

A while passes and my sobs subside. She starts to drive again.

“I’m not going anywhere, and from here on out you have me. I’m your family.” I shake my head no as we turn towards the parking lot.

When we pull up we walk side by side up to the dorm. Jared is sitting on the steps and when he sees me his face says it all. Regret.

He thinks I’m mad because he left, but the truth is I’m not going to see him anymore.

“Jared, I’m sorry but you need to leave.” I walk past him. He grabs my arm before I enter the room. Shannon gives me a look to see if I’m okay and I nod yes. She walks into the dorm to give us some privacy.

“I will get revenge for your mother. You have my word,” he assures me, and I look to the floor. “Jared, you can’t help me. Just leave, please.” I start to walk to my room.

“I will let you get rest. But you’re mine, Erica. I will protect what’s mine.” I leave him outside my door. Everything feels like it’s suffocating, I feel like I’m falling and no one can catch me, and if they do I will break in half.

A while later I am under the covers, silently crying for my mom. Her ethereal personality and calming spirit made everyone content around her. She was a beautiful person inside and out. I can’t even fathom the pain she endured.

There is nothing I can do anymore…


I am enraged about what happened to my girl and her mother last night. Yeah, that’s how I have felt from the moment I laid eyes on her. She’s my girl now, and I will protect what’s mine. Erica is going to try and push me away, but I won’t let her. Whoever hurt her mother is dead when I get my hands on them. Whoever tries to get to her is finished. I will cut the motherfucker up who dares to touch a hair on her perfect head. The Italian mafia hasn’t seen the wrath of me. I found out more about her history and come to find out her family was involved with Antonio Vasquez. I don’t give a fuck how important he is. I will chew the mother-fucker up and spit him out. They haven’t seen what my men and I can do yet, but soon they will find out that they fucked with the wrong girl.

My girl…


My head is pounding the next morning. Jared is better off without me. My life is in shambles and I just met this guy. I will make sure to tell him that next time I see him.

“Hey,” Shannon says. She’s sitting on her bed with worry-filled eyes.

“Hi,” I rasp.

“There is some aspirin and a bottle of water on your nightstand. Jared left it for you and a note that he has business to attend to at the bar.”

“You let him in here last night?”

“He was very persistent, and heisthe president of the Vipers MC. I’m not about to mess with him.” She gives me a soft smile.

“He was only here for a few minutes while you slept. He looked pretty upset with what happened, and I know you want to push him away, but he just may be the one you want to keep close.” I just nod.

“Do you need help with anything?”

“I’m fine, I just have to make some phone calls. Make the arrangements and figure out my classes.”

“Well, if you need help with any of that let me know.” Shannon walks over to give me a hug and leaves.

That’s my favorite thing about her: she knows when I need space. Right now I just want to be left alone.

After all the calls and arrangements, I’m exhausted. My eyes are bloodshot from crying and I look like shit. I text Jared to comeover so we can talk, and he replies right away. When there’s a knock at the door I know it’s him.

“Hey, baby.” He rushes to me, wrapping his arms around my middle. His comforting hug makes this even harder for me. I pull back and lead him over to my bed. Jared and I sit, and his concerned eyes stare into my tired ones.

“Jared, we can’t see each other anymore.” My voice quivers and my lips tremble. He sighs and lowers his head a moment before meeting my face again.

He’s wearing a black shirt, leather jacket, and dark jeans. He looks so good it’s hard to do this. I try to avoid his beautiful eyes when he gently lifts my chin to face him.

“Baby, I know what you’re thinking. But trust me when I tell you I am the last person you need to be worrying about.”

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