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I didn’t even realize that he walked over to me. His mouth is close to my ear when he whispers, “You’re mine, not his, so get that the fuck out of your pretty little head.” When he leans in to kiss my mouth again, I cry out.

“I will let you rest, my love. I have business to attend to, but make no mistake: you will want me soon enough and be my queen. I will have you and own every inch of this body again.” He leaves the room.

When the door shuts I let out a sob and cry so hard. My soul feels like it has just shattered into a million pieces. My screams echo throughout the room. Jared is gone and it’s all my fault.


“Yes, make sure they get to the location at 2pm to make the exchange. I have a ton of fucking money riding on this deal.” I end the call and make my way into Erica’s dorm building.

I climb the steps two at a time. My feet pause when I almost trip over something. It’s a bag. My heart rate starts to pick up when I realize it’s Erica’s.

“Fuck! Erica!” I shout, and start running to her door.

“Baby! You in there?” I start to bang on her door, feeling hysterical.

When I finally slam the door open, I realize she’s not in here.

Panic seizes my chest. I whip out my phone and call her.

Her cell phone goes straight to voicemail. That’s when I call Grady and my tracker. They both agree to meet here.

“Hurry up!” I roar over the phone. I will kill the person who took her, slowly and painfully.

“Prez, what happened?” Beefcake and Grady come barreling over to where I’m standing. I didn’t even realize they were here. I’m so sick with worry that I can’t even think straight.

“Erica has been taken. Look up Luca and Antonio Vasquez. I want to know everything about them! Where they eat, sleep, shit, I don’t care how you get it just do it now!” I order. Beefcake nods, running over to his car where his computer is.

“What can I do?” Grady, my right-hand man, asks. He can be almost as deadly as me.

When we care about someone, we care hard and with everything we have.

“You come with me. When he finds the closest location, you’re with me.” We walk over to where Beefcake is working his magic.

“It doesn’t look like they were covering their tracks at all from what I can see. They either are expecting you and it’s a trap, or they have no idea who you really are.” I smile.

“They have no clue who they’ve fucked with, but they will soon.” He grins when he twists the computer in our direction. The address from when they were last seen is plastered on the computer with a video of Luca Vasquez entering a gas station.

“This fucker is dead.” We all pile inside his truck and head in that direction.


It’s been hours since Luca left the room, and I’m grateful because he scares the shit out of me. My eyes feel heavy from crying so hard. The pain I feel from losing Jared is almost unbearable. I can’t eat the food they left me. All I can do is lie here and stare at the wall.

“Jared,” I whisper-cry. Just the thought of never feeling him, seeing him, or even smelling him makes me want to curl up and die a thousand deaths.

When I hear someone enter the room my heart starts to beat rapidly, and sweat trickles down my back.

“I hope you have come to your senses,” Luca’s deep, menacing voice rumbles.

“You killed him?” I cry. “You want me to come to my senses when you killed the one person that was worth living for? Go fuck yourself, Luca!” I spit, and his face turns red. He stomps over towards me and grabs my throat, pinning me against the bedpost.

“I will fucking own you, bitch, and I have all the power here. So don’t you dare disrespect me. I will make your life a living hell.” I’m losing air but I don’t care anymore. He took away the one person that I loved more than anything. Tears are still cascading down my cheeks. He lets go, which leaves me automatically gasping for air.

“Kill me!” I screech. “I don’t care anymore!” I start to wail in emotional agony. He stands there and almost looks like he feels bad, then it’s gone.

“You will surrender to me. I don’t care how long it takes.” Luca then leaves the room. I continue to sob silently for the rest of the day.


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