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We arrive at the location of the gas station. When I make my way inside there is a clerk standing behind the counter.

“Excuse me, we need to get a hold of your outside cameras.” I ask the clerk, and he gives me a look like I’m insane.

“What for?” I’m about to knock his teeth out. The clerk can’t be more than twenty years old. Stocky kid with brown hair.

Grady and Beefcake stand behind me now and I show him my piece.

“Where are your security cameras?” I ask one more time.

“Um…uh…in the back,” he stutters, and we follow him to the back.

“Pull up the last hour of your outside cameras,” I instruct, and he starts clicking away fast.

“There! Pause that shit!” I bark. “That fucker, there he is,” I growl.

We write down the license plate number of the black Cadillac SUV.

“Beefcake, work your fucking magic and trace that plate. We will follow the tracks while you look. Let’s go!” I order, and I throw the kid a hundred and his eyes widen.

“Keep your fucking mouth shut about this. Beefcake, delete the footage of us coming in here.” He nods and we leave.

“I’m coming, baby,” I say to myself, cracking my neck and knuckles, ready for bloodshed.


It has been a little over a day and I haven’t eaten or drunk anything at all. I feel sick and emotionally drained. I don’t want to give up, but I do. I’m so full of mixed emotions at this point.

There’s a light knock and the door opens. An older woman with blonde hair in a bun and what looks like a maid’s uniform comes in.

“Boss wants you clean. I will untie you, but no funny business or I will have to call him in here,” she tells me in a thick British accent.

I nod my head in understanding, because I don’t want him back in here.

“I will escort you to the main bathroom where you will freshen up. Clothes and everything you need are in there.” I just shrug as she escorts me down the hallway.

“You must stay strong and eat something or he will dispose of you right away, miss.”

“I don’t care.” My voice cracks and she sighs.

“In you go.” She shoos me into the bathroom, which is enormous.

The massive Jacuzzi tub is already filled with steaming hot water. Robotically I take my clothes off and get into the hot bath. My skin burns, but I welcome the pain. It feels good and my muscles began to relax.

Minutes pass. I submerge myself and hold my breath. I stay under the water as long as I can hold it before I feel like I’m on the verge of passing out. There’s banging on the door when I emerge from the tub. Gasping for air, I yell out that I’m almost done.

“Are you okay, miss?” the woman yells through the door.

“Yes, I’ll be right out!” I shout, and continue to get out while towel-drying my hair and body.

I look in the mirror. I look terrible. There is a bruise starting to form around my neck. I notice a clean bra, panties, and a yellow sundress. Black would be more fitting for my current mood.

I slowly get dressed. With my long dark hair still damp and a face free of makeup, I weakly sit on the floor with my back against the wall.

“This is my fucking life now,” I whisper to myself, and again silent hot tears roll down my face. I wipe them and stand. My stomach growls loudly but I ignore it.

When I walk out of the bathroom, Luca stands there with his arms crossed.

“You haven’t eaten. You will follow me to the dining area.” I nod, not uttering a sound. I feel like a zombie on autopilot.

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