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We make our way into the dining room. He places a hand on my back and I flinch. He leans down to my ear.

“You smell exquisite,” he rumbles, and I shiver.

He gently pulls me against the wall. I gasp from the contact.

“Don’t be afraid of me, for I can make you feel just as good as he did.” He brings his lips to my neck. I start to lightly shake, not able to control myself. Luca kisses down my neck then placesa firm hand on my waist. He squeezes my ass and presses his hard length into my stomach. I’m afraid he may do something to me right here. My heart rate kicks up once again, and I’m at the point of panic.

“Are you wet for me, Erica?” he mumbles, still kissing all the way down my body.

I close my eyes and pretend it’s Jared; that’s all I can do at this point. I will have a panic attack if I don’t take my mind somewhere else.

“Your body is beautiful. You will give yourself to me.” He intones, and I can’t stop the hot tears from falling.

He lifts my dress and my mind pictures Jared and his beautiful face. Luca hisses when he touches my center with his thick fingers that don’t belong there.

“Please stop,” I ask, not wanting this to go any further than it already has. I’m trying my best to picture Jared, but Luca keeps talking.

“Are you thinking of him?” It's like he can read my mind.

“Yes.” I whimper when he traces the line of my panties. “You will never own my heart,” I tell him and he growls, taking his fingers away from my center and licking them clean.

“Tonight I will take what’s mine again, whether you like it or not, and your eyes will stay focused on me. Do you understand?” I nod, afraid of what he may do.

He pulls away while adjusting himself, and I sigh. That was close. On shaky legs I sit down at the large dining room table. He sits diagonally from me and fills my plate with food. My mouth waters when I see the meat and vegetables steaming hot.

“No more tears, Erica. I will not have a wife who is weak.” He says this as he stares at his food and clenches his fist around his fork. I look down and feel completely lost and alone. How will I ever marry this man? His light brown hair and grey eyes bore into mine. He’s always presented in a suit that must cost at leastthree thousand dollars by the looks of it. None of that matters to me. Luca may be handsome on the outside, but he is evil in the inside and downright vindictive.

At one point in time I may have liked him just a little bit, but that was before he tried to force me into marrying him. No one should be forced into anything, especially a life-long commitment. Now I absolutely despise the man before me. He killed my family. I hate him with everything I am.

“You can do what you want with me, Luca, but I will never love you. In fact, I fucking hate you. You killed my father, mother, and Jared.”

His cold, dead gaze latches on to mine, unmoving. There is something brewing there that I don’t understand, and before I can think any further I hear something.

A loud bang erupts. I jump and then Luca is practically dragging me down the hallway, gun in hand. He places his finger on my lips and I stare at him in confusion.

“Stay quiet and get in this closet. Do not leave or you will be shot on sight.” He tosses me into the closet.

I fall to my butt and scurry to the back of the closet with my head in my hands, rocking back and forth. Shouts and yells are heard throughout the mansion. Gunshots start going off and I am trembling so badly at this point.

All of a sudden it goes deathly quiet. My body has not stopped shuddering, but I try my best to stay still and quiet.

When I see a shadow under the door I stop breathing. Two feet pause in front of the closet. I don’t know how long I stare at the shadow but it disappears and I let out the breath I was holding.

“Erica?” I hear a familiar voice whisper. My eyes widen when I realize it’s Beefcake. Oh my god! He came for me even though I got Jared killed. I shoot up off the floor and turn the doorknob.When I peek my head out of the closet there he is, his back facing me, gun pointing in all directions.

“Matt?” I croak, and he spins around to face me with relief apparent on his face.

“Erica! Thank fuck, darlin’. Come here. Are you all right?” He wraps his strong, protective arms around me and I weep.

“It’s okay; you’re safe now. We have been looking everywhere for you. Luca is somewhere, so stay behind me and I’ll get you out of here in one piece.” I grasp onto the back of his shirt like he’s my shield.

He starts to talk into his earpiece. “I have her; she’s safe. I’ll meet you in the back. Get the vehicle now,” he orders, and my eyes cloud with unshed tears because Jared’s men are still keeping me safe even after he’s gone.

“Thank you,” I whisper.

“No need to thank me, darlin’. You’re family,” he tells me, and I sniff.

“No more tears. You’re going home,” he assures me, and I just nod even though he can’t see me.

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