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“Fuck!” He bends down to cover himself in pain as the other man runs in.

“Fucking bitch!” the man shouts, still holding himself.

“She’s fucking dead.” He launches himself at me, but the other guy is there in an instant, blocking him from getting to me.

“Chill the fuck out, man! You’re going to get us killed!”

“This bitch needs to be taught a lesson.” He gathers himself together and pulls out his gun.

First he points it at the other man. “What the hell are you doing?” he demands to know.

“Give me your gun,” he tells the man trying to protect me, and the guy shakes his head no.

“Dude, calm the fuck down and think about what you’re doing.”

“Iamthinking! Now put your gun on the ground!” the creep shouts again.

The crazy guy grabs the gun off of the floor and pockets it. He tells the man to move over and let me by, which he does.

He then grabs me by my hair. I let out a scream when he slams my head into the wall. I hear his belt unbuckle and I start to buck off of him, but it’s no use. His gun comes smashing down on my head and I start to fall. He catches me and grunts as he does. My eyelids start to feel heavy and I know I’m on the brink of unconsciousness. I can’t pass out, because if I do he’s going to rape me. I just know it.

“Now you have no choice, bitch,” he snarls, and then I see black again…

I wake up to loud noises. My ears are ringing and my head feels like it’s going to explode.

Then I hear the voice I’ve been praying to hear all day.

“Don’t you fucking move!” Jared’s stone-cold voice echoes in the room.

The man wastes no time grabbing me and placing a gun to my head.

“I’ll shoot her!” the man shouts.

“No, you won’t. Because if you do you will be dead seconds after. Now put your fucking gun down before I give the command for my men to blow your brains out.”

The man turns towards the window, and there is a red dot on his forehead. He sighs in defeat, dropping his weapon. I run over to Jared and he pulls me behind him securely.

“You okay, babe? Did he touch you?”

“I don’t know.” I shudder, grabbing Jared’s shirt.

Seconds later, Grady is pulling me out of the house. I yell for him to let me go.

“Shh, relax. He needs to finish them. Now it’s personal,” Grady explains, but the way he says it it’s like just another day to them. I hear the two men inside screaming as the sound of bones being crunched is heard. Jared and whoever else is in there with him is beating the shit out of them.

I’m not frightened anymore. Not with these guys having my back. Jared comes out of the house. He locks eyes with me and I can see his anguish. His hands are bloody, so I run over to him. He catches me as I crash into his body. He kisses the top of my head then relaxes into me.

“What did you do?” I whisper in his ear. He pulls me back.

“Don’t worry about it. Are you hurt anywhere?” He starts to look me over to make sure.

“Just my head hurts, and I’m sore from being tossed into the van, but that’s all. They said he is coming to get me. It has to be Antonio.” My eyes start to water. I hate seeing Jared so upset because of what just happened to me, and the look on his face tells me he’s not giving up until he finds the man responsible for my hurt.

“You need to get looked over. Grady, get Erica settled in the car and call the doc and have him meet us at the bar,” he orders.I just follow Grady to the car as Jared makes his way back into the house.

“Is Matt okay?” I ask, and Grady grins.

“Just a flesh wound. That’s not his biggest problem, though; he failed to keep you protected and Jared is pissed,” he tells me.

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