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As he starts the car up he turns towards me.

“I’m taking you to my place where I can keep an eye on you.”

“Okay.” I agree because the thought of being alone actually hurts.

The ride to his place is silent. We pull up to his beautiful condo. He seems too young to be living in a place so high-end by himself. But who am I to judge? I already know he does some shady shit with some questionable people.

I don’t care, though, because he treats me well and I love him. Everything happens for a reason. I may have lost everything, but I also gained something. Or should I say someone.

I know that as long as I have Jared by my side, all will be right in my world.

We hold hands as he leads me to the elevator in his building.

“How long have you lived here?” I ask him, because I never thought to ask before and I’m curious. He squeezes my hand.

“A little over a year now.” His voice sounds tired. I hope I’m not being a burden.

“You don’t have to babysit me, Jared; I can go back to my dorm. I’m sure Shannon will be there.”

“No way will I let you out of my sight,” he rasps, and I just stare at the side of his face. His facial expression I can’t quite read.

“Come with me and I’ll run us a bath.”

“Oh, okay.” I almost trip on my own feet, I’m that excited to get into the bathtub with this man.

His bathroom is pretty large. He has a Jacuzzi tub and a glass shower with all white marble. What he doesn’t know is I used to be like him. I once was the girl with everything not too long ago, so places that scream money don’t excite me much.

Little by little we undress each other; he starts to go in first then helps me in to sit at his front.

When he wraps his arms around me I sigh in satisfaction. The water is nice and hot, and his touch brings goosebumps to my delicate skin.

He starts to wash my body as I lay my head on his chest.

“I used to be rich, too.” My voice sounds foreign to even me. He stops washing me a moment and then he continues.

“My dad was a big deal back in California. He worked for Antonio Vasquez. Obviously you probably have figured out he’s the biggest mob boss in the country.” My voice wobbles.

“Your father was Phil Castello?” Jared asks and I nod, trying to hold back my tears because he used to be a good dad. But money changed the man I knew when I was little. Money is the root of all evil, they say, and I have to agree with that statement.

“I did my research. I was just waiting for you to tell me yourself,” he murmurs. He starts to sit up to turn me around and face him.

Jared is a work of art. I could stare at him all day.

“I understand if you want nothing to do with me. These people are dangerous. You saw what happened today. Matt could have been seriously hurt because of me.”

Jared grabs my face lightly to get my attention.

“It doesn’t matter who he is or what he can do, because who I know and what I can do is worse. He’s the one who should be afraid now, because Antonio Vasquez is a dead man.” His tone is serious, his eyes deadly as they stare back at me, laced with conviction.

I gulp, and for some reason I’m more turned on now than ever.

He leans in with hooded eyes. Jared’s full lips find mine and I can’t help but moan in his mouth. He pulls back and rests his head on mine.

“The doc said no physical activity, babe. You need to rest.”

“Ugh, way to ruin the moment, Casanova.” I smile and he does the same, remembering when I called him that the first day we met.

“Let’s get you dried off and in my bed.” He does what he says. This man that I love now more than ever is taking care of me, and I can’t help but wonder how I got this lucky.

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