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“Your man will be here soon and then I’m off. You two are trouble.” We both start laughing again.

Shannon wanders off to the dorm and I wait outside with Grady.

“I’ve never seen him like this with anyone before. He really cares about you,” Grady acknowledges, and I smile.

“Well, the feeling is mutual,” I say, and he nods thoughtfully.

“He will do whatever he has to do to keep you safe; we all will.”

“Thank you.” My voice clogs with emotion because I can’t believe I lost one family and then gained a new one.

When Jared pulls up I smile big and so does he. He is on his motorcycle, wearing a backwards baseball hat.

“Hop on, baby.” I do as he says, wrapping my arms tightly around his waist as we make our way to his place.

“Fuck, you smell and look amazing, baby.”

My hand goes up to Jared’s face and I pull him in for a kiss. This is not just a kiss. This is a kiss of passion.

“Shit; I need you in my bed, gorgeous.”

“Do women throw themselves at you at your bar, Jared?” I question, and he gives me a smirk.

“You jealous, beautiful?”

“Well, I’m really uncomfortable when other women look at you. You’re mine.”

“Fuck yeah, I’m yours.”

My hand wraps around his neck as a pull him down towards my mouth.

“Good answer,” I whisper.

“Take me,” I beg, and he does. We run hand and hand up to his room.

He closes the door and rips his shirt off. He stalks towards me like I’m his prey.

My hand goes up. “Go sit down on the bed.”

“Baby, I need to feel you,” he groans.

“I want you to picture me when anyone else comes up to you.”

He gulps, his eyes filled with lust.

When he sits down with just his jeans on I slowly make my way towards him.

I pull my dress down very slowly. He groans and grabs his length through his jeans. He starts to unbuckle his pants and his jeans are off. He sits there, gripping himself while watching me.

I am left in my heels and black lace panties, no bra.

I grab my breasts, massaging one at a time. Jared starts to pump himself faster while watching me.

“Fuck, baby, you’re killing me here.”

“Ah-ah-ah…” I smile.

My hand roams down to my panties and I insert two fingers, throwing my head back in pleasure.

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