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“You scared the shit out of me!”

“Sorry, I just wanted to talk to you in private. Are you okay?” he asks, his voice sounding gruff.

“Oh my god! I’m fine. Will you please stop?” He holds his hands up.

“I saw him forcing himself on you and I completely lost it. I can’t explain it, but ever since we met I can’t get you the fuck out of my head.” He points to his head, exasperated.

I give him a forgiving expression.

“Thank you for pulling him away, but you didn’t need to beat the shit out of him. I’m not yours to claim.” My tone is steady as I watch his eyes roam my body. He takes a step closer and I give him a curious look.

“Were you following me?”

Jared’s entire body covers mine up against the wall and I whimper in his hold. I wish just one look didn’t make me feel this crazy, but it does. Everything about this man is making me foolish.

“Jared, what are you doing?” I whisper, not even recognizing my own voice. His husky voice returns with, “What I should have done the moment I laid eyes on you.”

Before I know it his lips crash on to mine and, oh my, they are so soft. He tastes like mint and he smells divine.

He makes a growling noise while he frantically kisses me. I open for him and allow his tongue to massage my own, and all I can think about is, wow I have never been kissed like this before. Passion is surrounding us. Our bodies are drawn together. His dominance overpowers my body.

Heat pools between my thighs and I can’t help the ache that I need relieved so badly.

I push my front to meet his and he tightens his hold on my hips.

He starts to lift my dress, and I don’t even care anymore. All rational thoughts are out the window as his hands move my panties to the side. He shoves two fingers inside me roughly and I ride them shamelessly.

“You are so fucking sexy.” He kisses my neck then he’s on his knees, lifting my leg over his shoulder. One swift lick to my aching core and I’m shaking and yelling with need and want. “You taste so fucking sweet.”

“Don’t stop,” I whisper, grabbing his hair and pulling him closer. His tongue is punishing and we are a mess of heated breaths in this moment.

He continues to eat me like I’m his favorite dessert and I pull his hair again, and that just makes him more aggressive. Which has me shouting his name over and over again.

“This is so beautiful! Pulsate all around my mouth, baby,” he says, and then continues his mission to make me lose myself.

I can’t hold on any longer, and I let go and shout his name so loud I pray no one heard over the music. As I start to come down from the best high of my life he continues to lick me clean as my legs shake, coming down from the aftershocks of my orgasm. Jared kisses my inner thigh and gently pulls my dress back down.

His hooded eyes land on mine, and I’m still so turned on right now I can’t even see straight. This feels so wrong, yet so amazing at the same time.

In my mind I’m thinking, why not? Why not have some fun and forget about all the drama in my life. All I want to do right now is feel.

“You need to be mine,” he groans, licking his lips with my arousal glistening his mouth.

“My turn,” I rasp, and he is already unbuckling his pants. I grab his length, and holy shit he is huge. My eyes widen and I can see the victory on his face.

“The door is locked, darlin’. No one is coming in here.” I nod, not even caring at this point. All I want is to feel something, and in this moment it’s him.

“I just want to be inside you so badly,” he groans, and lifts me up as I wrap my legs around his waist. He carries me to the bed, and in seconds we are both naked. His body looks like an athlete’s. Six-pack, toned, and oh my goodness so sexy with tattoos up and down his arms. His hair is a little long on the top and short on the sides.

I see a softness in his eyes I haven’t seen before. It’s usually a cocky smirk I get, and then I think of what Shannon said about him and shake it off. I am using him just as much as he’s using me in this monumental moment.

He is as hard as a rock when I pull him on top of me. Feeling him skin to skin is making me feel things I shouldn’t, so I push that thought towards the back of my mind.

He grabs a condom, which I’m grateful for, and not seconds later he slams into me with such force I scream his name. Our moans fill the room as our slick bodies move in sync together.

“Jared! You feel so good. Harder!” I shout.

“Erica, fuck! Baby, you’re so fucking tight.” He grunts, and licks my breasts while hitting all the right spots. I have never been so turned on in all my life. I should be embarrassed abouthow wet I am, but I’m not. He feels so incredible and I never want him to stop. I have only ever been with one person and that was Luca. Jared is older and more experienced, that’s for sure.

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