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He pulls out, flipping me onto my knees, and slams into me from the back. When he grabs my hair and slaps my ass I just about lose it completely. It stings but it also feels good.

“You will think twice before letting another man touch this sweet body,” he demands, and I can’t even form words as he smacks me hard again. I yell out in pain, mixed with pleasure.

“You will answer me. Say you will never let any other man near this body,” he growls, and yanks my hair back ever so slightly.

“Fuck, you feel like heaven! Fucking take all of me, baby. Can you feel what you do to me?” he says, and I just yell for him to keep going.

“Whose body is mine tonight?” He grunts, and as I continue to enjoy the feel of him he pinches my nipple and I yelp.

“I asked you a question. Whose body is mine tonight?” he repeats.

“Yours! My body is yours.,” I weakly say while riding this high of the best sex of my life.

He slaps my ass again and I yell his name. I can’t believe I’m having sex with someone I barely know, but I don’t give a shit.

“You will let go when I tell you to,” he whispers in my ear, and I’m sure he can feel me trying to hold back but I don’t think I can. He is dominating and sexy as hell right now.

“I can’t hold it!” I shout, and he lightly slaps my most sensitive area and I let go feeling him do the same as we come together, reaching the best orgasm of my life. He doesn’t stop slamming into me as he finishes, and I am on the verge of another one. I’ve heard of multiple orgasms, but never experienced one. I continue to pulsate around him as he caressesevery inch of my body, tenderly kissing every inch until I’m finished.

When he pulls out I can’t even move as I lay on his bed. He goes to his bathroom and shuts the door, and all of a sudden I feel like a cheap whore. With my heart pounding erratically I start to go over tonight’s events, and all I can feel is shame suddenly. This is so unlike me.

What the hell did I just do? I frantically gather my dress and shoes. My body is humming with sexual aftershocks. I toss my clothes on before he comes out. I hear the sink turn on and make a beeline for the door.

I don’t know what I was thinking having sex with Jared, but now I’m embarrassed to face him for some reason.

I quietly shut the door and run through the house. I spot Shannon and her eyes widen at my appearance.

“Erica, oh my god! Did you just have sex with someone?” she says, her mouth agape. The music is still blaring.

“We have to go or I have to go,” I say, and shuffle to the front door. I hear her following behind me.

“Wait, what happened?”

“I’ll tell you when the house is out of sight,” I explain, and she doesn’t speak as we continue to walk back to our dorm.

“Are you going to tell me what happened?”

“Are you going to judge me about what happened?” I retort, and she stops me from walking.

“I would never judge you, Erica. Just tell me,” she says.

“I had crazy wild monkey sex with Jared.” I put my hands on my face, afraid of her reaction.

Her hands pull mine down so now we are looking at each other.

“So he was that good, huh?” She grins and I laugh.

“There are no fucking words,” I say as we walk the rest of the way to our dorm. My body is still humming and I feel like I’m oncloud nine. My body may feel sated and content, but mentally I feel like a huge slut.

I am somewhat regretting telling her because she wants to know every detail, and I really don’t want to talk about my failure in willpower when it comes to Jared.

I can still feel him and smell him on me. I shiver as I remember his hands all over my body and how he took me so hard. I am not expecting anything to come of this with him, but I can’t help that feeling in the pit of my stomach. It’s like deep down inside my soul I wish I was his.

Back at our dorm Shannon is passed out sleeping already, and all I can think about is Jared. The way he spoke to me, the feel of him, the smell of him. I didn’t want to shower but I did. Now he is nothing but a memory, because I know that can’t happen again. He is not boyfriend material and, to be honest, I’m not ready for a relationship with anyone.

There is no way it could work between us. I clutch a hold of my locket and close my eyes. He’s the infamous Jared Knox, and has probably been with countless women. Why would I be special to him in any way? A part of me craves what Jared and I had for that brief time we were together. Luca would never make me feel that good. I would usually end up in tears when he was done with me. No one has ever pleasured me quite like that before.

Minutes later I hear a knock on my door.

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