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“You are so beautiful,” he whispers while he looks into my eyes. I stop laughing and move my lips to his. This kiss is more sensual and passionate. I show him in this one kiss that I am his, now and forever.

The days pass by and I am going stir crazy. He won’t tell me the severity of our situation, but I can see he’s on edge. Pete has also been acting differently towards me, and when I mentioned it to Jared, he just shrugged it off and said they were stressed about the Irish. Pete was a prospect and has been finally made. Since then I’ve noticed an odd change in him.

I guess whoever is left in the Irish mafia is out for blood. Jared and his crew made the mistake when they killed off half of the Irish and took the rest of their business.

Jared wants out and for us to start over, and I trust him.

I know what it feels like without him, and I can’t live that way again ever.

“Hey, babe.” I walk outside to see Jared cleaning his bike.

“Hey, beautiful.” He smiles and I walk towards him to plant a kiss on his lips. He wraps his strong arms around me as I lean into him.

“Can we go for a ride?” I whine, and he gives me a sexy smirk. “I’m so bored.”

“I don’t know, baby, but you’re safer here,” he tells me, and I huff.

“I hate being cooped up at this bar. How much longer?” I query, and I can see his features soften.

“Maybe a quick ride,” he obliges and I jump up on him, wrapping my legs around his middle. Jared laughs as I pepper his handsome face with kisses.

“I love you, Jared. I love you more than anything,” I admit.

“Ditto, baby. Now get your sexy ass on my bike,” he commands.

When he revs the engine the vibrations send my heart pumping with adrenaline. Riding on his bike with him is like nothing I have ever experienced before.

“Hold on tight, gorgeous!” I do as he says.

We ride for a while and finally pull up to a gorgeous waterfall that is hidden in the woods off of a long dirt road.

He helps me off the bike and I gasp at the sensational view.

“Jared, this is beautiful.” He takes my hand to walk me close to the cliff.

“I come here sometimes to think,” he acknowledges.

“It’s gorgeous; why haven’t I heard about this place?” I ask, and he just shrugs.

“My brother and I use to come here as kids and fish with my dad. It seems like forever ago when things were simple and life was easy.”

“I know how you feel. I can still remember every bit of my former life in California. I miss it sometimes; miss my mom, too.”

Jared pulls me to his side.

“Baby, you will always have me and we will always have this place. You are my life, Erica, and always will be.” He looks me in the eyes, and all thoughts of anything else fly out the window.Our lips meet and our hands roam each other’s bodies, searching for something. I don’t know what, but I need him closer.

In the heat of the kiss we hear the crunch of leaves. As we break apart and turn towards the distraction, we hear it again.

Jared takes his gun out of his waistband and pulls me behind him. I know to keep quiet when he signals for me to be silent. Fear is apparent on my face, I’m sure, and my body starts to tremble.

We carefully inch away from the noise and to his bike.

He’s trying to get us out of here, but someone has other plans.

Two masked men with rifles appear before us. Jared cocks his gun.

“Who the fuck are you?” Jared stills. The men stay silent as they point their weapons at our heads. They walk closer and we inch further back.

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