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“Who the fuck is this?” I counter and Shannon’s eyes bulge when she sees the look on my face.

“Oh honey, that’s not for you to worry about. What I would be concerned with is the fact your man has his hands all over me. He feels so fucking good, too.” She moans, and I just about lose my shit entirely.

“Stay the fuck away from him!” I yell, running over to Matt, signaling we have to leave. I toss a look of apology over to Shannon and she just waves me off like it’s okay.

“Oh honey, you better come quick if you would like to join us. He tells me what a firecracker you are in bed.” She laughs, and all I can hear is the loud music in the background.

Tears well in my eyes when I explain everything to Matt.

“Erica, calm down. One of the club whores has to be playing with you. There is no fucking way he would ever cheat,” Matt assures me, but I’m still having a hard time believing it.

We race to the bar. I fly out of his truck so fast I almost fall.

When I make it into the bar the music is on full blast, but there’s no one in sight. It’s actually empty. A feeling of dread takes over as my throat closes in on me. I bang every door open. Finally in Jared’s office I run in, and the last thing I expect to see is Jared tied to a chair. His shirt is off and his head slumps down.

“Jared!” I yell, rushing over to him. The door slams shut and there is Pete, with a gun in his hand. He punches Matt in the head. He’s now out cold.

Jared’s head snaps up and his eyes are black and blue. Blood is dripping from his mouth.

“No!” he grunts out in pain.

“You better not lay a hand on her! I will fucking kill you!” Jared struggles to get out of the chair.

Pete just laughs, his gun still pointed at me. He looks manic, and my heart is pounding out of my chest.

“You will die for this when I get my fucking hands on you. Untie me and fight me, you pussy bitch!” Jared threatens.

“Why are you doing this?” I cry, and he laughs again.

“Lydia, come in here please,” Pete calls. She is tall, with a perfect body. Long red hair, fake boobs. Dressed to impress in her skintight black dress. Her boobs are practically falling out.

“Lydia, please show Jared what he’s missing.”

“I would love to.” Her sultry voice makes my arm hair stand on end. I try to rush at her, but Pete puts the gun to my head again and punches me in my stomach. I fall to the floor, gasping for air. I can hear Jared’s screams of protest. When I look up and catch sight of his face, it’s red and fuming with rage. I have never seen him so mad. The bitch is on top of him when his face locks onto mine. It softens, filling with remorse.

“You are going to watch Lydia take what is hers now. He belongs to this club and the club whores. You have made it clear that you no longer wish to lead this club. If I have to take his place, then I might as well have some fun while I do it.” Helaughs, and now I can see it in his eyes. Pete is pure evil. I can’t believe I once thought this person had my back. Then again, I thought Tony did too.

“Pete, please don’t do this,” I plead, and he just shakes his head back and forth as the whore continues to straddle my man. Jared tries to wiggle her off him, but it's no use. Her big fake tits are in his face as he moves his head to the side.

“Well, honey, you never used to be this difficult to get into bed before.” I lose it. They were together before?

“Go ahead, fucking shoot me, Pete. I will die before I let this bitch touch my man!”

“Wow! I have to say, Erica, you’re starting to impress me, girl. I didn’t think you had it in you.” I hold my head high, poking the bear.

“You are a coward! You piece of shit!” I roar, and he backhands me so hard I fall on my butt.

“Erica!” Jared starts struggling more as he sees me lying on the floor, holding my bloody lip.

“I’m fine. This pussy bastard hits like a girl,” I taunt, and that’s all I needed to say before Pete was on top of me, choking the life out of me.

“You ruined everything, you bitch! Everything was fine before you came!” I continue to claw at his arms to pry him off, but it’s no use. The blackness is starting to take over.

I look out the corner of my eye and see Jared. He head butts the bitch, and she is knocked out cold on the floor. Jared’s chair falls over and breaks. He is struggling to get to me, but before I know what happens I start to fade into the dark.

My throat feels tight when I open my eyes. I gasp for air and the panic starts to take over. Why can’t I breathe? I look to see Jared’s worried, bruised and bloody face begging for me to breathe. So I do my best to catch some air. He calms me down, and when he can see that I’m okay he holds on to me for dear life. His body is shaking with mine.

“It’s over, baby. He’s gone.” Jared’s eyes turn deadly. I melt into his hold, relieved that it’s over.

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