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“Only horny for you. Do me a favor, babe.”

“Yeah?” I sigh, ready to get into mom and wife life.

“Be naked and spread on that bed by the time I get back here.”

“Naked and spread? Like butter?” I squint at him like that’s not sexy.

“I’m sorry, this old man brain of mine is clearly not thinking clearly. Let me say it again. Little girl, make sure you’re on that bed and ready for me to remind you just how sexy you are. You hear me?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“That’s more like it.” He kisses me and swats me on the ass before heading out of the bathroom to finish wrangling our brood. While he deals with them, I take care of the early morning chores, like picking up after our dog and getting Declan’s breakfast ready before he makes his commute into Manhattan.

Living in Jersey is so much quieter and less stressful than traipsing all over the city. Having a yard and home big enough to keep our family growing is a dream come true.

By the time I finish and get back to the bedroom, I sit down on the edge of the bed, waiting for Declan to come back. My eyes close, and I don’t remember falling asleep. The level of fear and anxiety that rips through me when I feel the slickness of his tongue sliding between the folds of my pussy is a shock like no other.

“Declan!” I shout.

“Mmhmm,” he huffs through his nose like he’s dining on a delicacy. His mouth works its magic over me as he slides his finger into my ass and makes me come instantly. He snarls. “That’s right little girl, come all over daddy’s face.”

He dives back in to make me come two more times before he rises to his feet and drops his jeans to the floor, revealing his rock hard erection.

“You know how much I love you?” Declan asks as he crawls over me and slides his length inside of me.

“Mmm.” It’s all I can muster as he fills me with every throbbing inch. The first stroke is smooth, deliberate as always.

“No, you don’t. Look at me, Denise,” he demands and my eyes shoot open to meet his gaze.

My husband. So handsome with a few streaks of gray sprouting in his beard that he says comes from the wisdom of eating his wife out at least twice a week. He’d go every day if I let him.

Every movement feels like it’s bringing us even closer together. I can’t stop the moans coming out of me.

“Don’t hold back. The house is empty.” He pushes and pulls himself in and out of me. My walls are coated and desperately trying to hold onto him, to keep him buried deep inside of me.

“Yeah, just like that.” I find myself getting into the mood with him as he strokes me into a different place where I still feel like the young temp who sent him a raunchy text by accident.

“Say it,” he commands as his strokes come closer and closer together. His speed picks up as he begins to drive in and out with force, dominance—a reminder of how good he makes me feel.

“I love you, Declan.”

He pumps and thrusts harder until he pulls out and flips me onto my stomach, pulling me onto my hands and knees. My ass slaps against him as thrusts inside of me. Our noises fill up the empty spaces of the house. We’re like insatiable young lovers all over again.

The minute his hand comes across my backside with a loud slap, I’m more than awake. Eyes wide, I can feel him nearing his climax. “Yes Daddy!”

“Yes, take all of it.” He pummels my pussy from behind. “That’s right, come all over daddy’s dick.”

I do exactly that. Ripples of erotic bliss travel from my head to my toes as Declan brings me to another orgasm before letting him finally explode inside of me. I can’t believe this is my life as we collapse beside one another in bed.

“Aren’t you going to be late?” I ask him, still trying to catch my breath.

He turns over onto his side, playing with my tangled hair. “Yes, but don’t you know how much I love you, little girl?”

“Yes, Daddy. I do.”

The End.

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